Weather and Safety, An Opening, and Award Deadlines

Feb 12, 2014 Written by FIRST Staff

Weather and Safety

Wow, what a build season it’s been for storms in the United States. The Southeast is getting pummeled again today, and  the online Snow Day Calculator (I don’t know how accurate it is, but it can be fun regardless) is saying Manchester, NH schools – and I’m sure many others in the Northeast - may be in for an early release tomorrow, or even closed.

Whether or not your team is being affected directly by these storms, you’re almost certainly feeling the pressure of the looming Stop Build Day on Tuesday, February 18th. You may even be tempted to cut a few corners when it comes to safety. Please don’t. Keep wearing those safety glasses. Be careful when using tools. And if the roads are slippery, stay home. Rare is the team that thinks their robot is perfectly ready for competition even in the best of circumstances. You will find plenty of help, if you need it, at your event, to finish up. We’d rather see robots showing up to events missing actuators than team members showing up missing fingers. Seriously, your health and safety should come first, always.    

An Opening

(The FIRST Cube prowls the Alpha Quadrant hunting job candidates worthy of assimilation.  Resistance would be ungracious.)

FRC has a new opening for a Junior Software Engineer. You can find the posting here. This is a starting position, so applicants graduating soon, just out of college,  or with just a few years of experience are welcome. Best of all, you get to work for the legendary Matt Pilotte, FRC Electrical Engineering Manager and FMS capo di tutti capi.  Come join our team!

Award Deadlines

Tomorrow, February 13,  is the deadline for  Chairman’s Award and Entrepreneurship Award submissions. We take those submission deadlines seriously*, so please get your submissions in on time. Details can be found in the FRC Administrative Manual.


*Almost to the point of being jerks about the whole thing :-)