Championship and You Folks are So Nice!

May 02, 2013 Written by FIRST Staff


There is so much to say about Championship but I only have the energy right now to cover a few items. The week after Championship is one of the few quiet weeks we have at FIRST, so many of us are taking a couple days off to catch up on our rest. After a very full Championship schedule, this break is something all of us – teams, volunteers, and staff – really need! 

My sense is that overall, we had a great Championship, but we’ll be sending out a detailed survey to everyone who attended so we can better understand what went well, and where we fell short. Bob’s email to teams already talked about two key FRC-specific areas we’ll definitely be working on – getting you more plays, and improving real-time scoring. We’ll also be doing what we can from our perspective to shorten up that closing ceremony.

I’ll have a blog next week that goes in to more detail on this topic.

You Folks are So Nice!

You folks really are so nice, much nicer than you need to be, and certainly much nicer than I deserve.  I’ve been overwhelmed by the very generous comments about me and the direction FRC has taken on Chief Delphi and the social media outlets. It’s unexpected, and wonderful. I’m deeply touched. Thank you.

I want to emphasize, though, that if things in FRC are going well, it’s because of the FRC staff. I have 18 of the finest people you can imagine working in FRC.  They’re innovative, they’re smart, they work hard, and most importantly, they care. When something doesn’t go well for the teams, it hurts them personally, and they do everything they are able to make it right and fix it so it doesn’t happen again. There have been numerous behind-the-scenes changes in FRC over the past several months, making this program better, and it’s the creativity and energy of the staff that is driving this forward.  You may not know their names, but they absolutely deserve thanks and recognition.

I’ll blog again soon.


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