Disc Counting System

Feb 27, 2013 Written by FIRST Staff

I thought you might like to know a little about how the scoring system will work this year.  For this year’s game, we created a system that weighs the goals to determine the number of discs they contain. Our testing over the past several months has shown that this scoring system is accurate most of the time, but because of the number of variables involved, the reported number of discs may be off by a disc or two from time to time.  We know how important it is that the scores are correct, so we will be verifying disc counts manually at the end of the autonomous period, and at the end of the match.  There will be no extra pause in gameplay between Autonomous and Teleop, but the folks checking the count will be taking a ‘snapshot’ of the number of discs in the goals before Teleop starts. 

During a match, you will still be able to use the scores displayed as a reference to how you are doing, but you should recognize that the final scores may change once the disc counts are verified.  If the match is one sided, and a small correction to a disc count is unlikely to change which alliance won, we will announce the winner right away, and update the actual scores in the system shortly afterward.  If the match is close, we will wait until the count is verified, then announce the winner.

Good luck to all teams participating in our Week 1 events!


I’ll blog again soon.


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