FMS Progress, Team Updates, FIRST Values

Mar 21, 2014 Written by FIRST Staff

FMS Progress

We have investigated the issue of the hot goal lights not turning on when expected during Auto, understand why it’s happening, and implemented a code change very likely to reduce occurrences in Week 4.  Testing went very well here at FIRST® HQ on this fix.  We will continue to look for reports in the field of this happening, and take additional steps if necessary.  We also corrected an issue in which the Head Ref was not able to call for an additional dead ball for an alliance in the unusual situation of a ball from an opposing alliance getting ‘stuck’ in a robot.  In addition, last week we received no reports of pedestal lighting delays caused by software issues.  However, we will continue to monitor this issue as well.

Team Updates

I hope everyone has had a chance to see the two Team Updates we did this week.  You can find them here: 177 .  We continue to work on making this very different FRC game fun, fair, and safe for all involved.

FIRST Values

I continue to hear stories from the field of teams going out of their way to help others, whether it’s taking a timeout to make sure their opponents are able to play at their best, or helping a team go from ‘Zero’ to ‘Robot’ in one day.  And for all the stories I hear about, I’m sure there are many more I don’t.  These are the things that help make FIRST what it is!


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