Frank Answers Fridays: August 2, 2013

Aug 02, 2013 Written by FIRST Staff

Today’s good question comes from Billfred Leverette of Team 2815, Los Pollos Locos, from Columbia, SC


Why did we not get to see The Holy Cows' Chairman’s video at Championship?


Thanks for the question, Billfred.

Though I was not part of the decision making process, my understanding is the video was not shown because it was not a good fit with the timing and pacing of the closing ceremonies, at the point where the video would have normally been inserted – when the team is going on stage to get their trophy.  I just started working with the folks responsible for the ‘show’ aspect of the closing ceremonies to understand how we can make sure the Chairman’s video gets included in some way from now on.  I think it’s important for other teams to be able to see and hear what it takes to be a Chairman’s Award winning team, and I think the award winners themselves deserve this recognition.



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