FRC Technical Questions

Jan 21, 2013 Written by FIRST Staff

The FIRST Forums, which we’ve used in the past for technical questions, is currently only accepting new users manually. Although all posts are viewable without logging in, new users will need to submit a request to and request an account. This restriction is temporary, but necessary to remedy larger issues. The resolution for this issue isn’t immediate so, at least for this season, we’re going to transition technical questions from the FIRST Forums to the Q&A system created by Quextit.

Hopefully you’re already familiar with Quextit’s tool, as we use it to answer game and rule related questions (at and as a place to ask specific Suppliers questions about their products ( If not, Quextit has put together a handy User Guide with instructional videos.

An “FRC Technical” category has been added to the top of the Supplier list. This is the new place for all teams to ask technical questions for items and implementations specific to FRC. Any user can create an account and submit questions. We ask that all questions are clear, specific, respectful, and concise.

Where to Find the FRC Technical Forum

We hope that’s helpful, and good luck!

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