Indiana’s Severe Weather

Jan 07, 2014 Written by FIRST Staff

From the KOP Team, Kate and Collin:

The treacherous weather in the Midwest has stopped our three major logistics partners in the area: FedEx, AndyMark, and Bona Vista Industries (coldest temperatures in 20 years and terrible driving conditions). We are unsure of when they’ll be reopening.  

The effect on FIRST is that we are unable to get anything out of Kokomo, IN, specifically: replacement parts, remaining MySite Kickoff Kit shipments, and FIRST Choice shipments.

We’re working to fill as many holes as we can with Kickoff Kit items already out in the field (e.g. working with a Kickoff Coordinator with an extra Black tote in one state to get it to a team in a nearby state that didn’t get a Black tote).

We wish our partners well, we hope they stay warm and safe.

UPDATE 1/8/14 @ 3:30 PM - Good News: We’ve been able to start shipping from Indiana and our partners in the area are safe (although still fairly cold).