Introducing 'Frank Answers Fridays'

May 29, 2013 Written by FIRST Staff

We’re going to try something new over the next few months. In the ‘Frank Answers Fridays’ feature, individuals will be able to email me questions about FRC, and I’ll pick one to answer on Friday in the blog. Depending on the number of good questions I get in, and my availability, I may not be answering a question every Friday, but that’s the goal. If this feature proves popular, we’ll keep it for a while. If not, we’ll consider it a lesson learned and shut it down.  Even if this feature is popular over the summer, we may shut it down at some point over the fall and during the season, simply because there’s usually so much else to talk about in the blog during those periods. In this circumstance, we may bring it back again after the 2014 FIRST Championship.

You can email your good question to A ‘good’ question is one that has broad applicability to the FRC program, addresses a key issue, and is well thought out.  Don’t shy away from hard questions, I like answering those because it often means we’re talking about something important. When you send in your question, please include your name, team number, and where your team is from.   This makes it easier for me to imagine a real person on the other end of the email, and anonymity is usually used by individuals fearing some kind of reprisal, which there won’t be from FIRST , and shouldn’t be from the broader FIRST community. Your name, team number, and where you are from will be included when we post your question and the response.

That email address is open now, so please start sending in questions! And please note, although I’m happy to answer your good program related questions within this new feature, you should still continue to rely upon as your primary point of contact for any specific team-related questions and concerns. Our wonderful Operations team stands ready (as always!) to help with anything customer-service related.

By the way, this feature is another ‘something new’ suggested by one of our fine FRC Staffers, who also came up with the name.


I’ll blog again soon.


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