Kickoff and Transition from ‘Kickoff Workshops’ to ‘Season Workshops’

Dec 28, 2012 Written by FIRST Staff


I hope everyone is as excited as we are here at FIRST HQ for Kickoff – only about a week away!  We’re looking forward to a great season.

Spoiler:  Nothing in this blog, including this sentence, is intended to be a game hint.

Transition from ‘Kickoff Workshops’ to ‘Season Workshops’

If you saw the most recent email blast to FRC teams, you know that the 2013 FRC Season Workshop videos have been posted here:

As we noted in a blog back in September, FRC will not be hosting live workshops at FIRST Headquarters before Kickoff as we have done in prior years.  The live workshops were nice, but only a small percentage of FRC teams could attend in person, and while the workshops were recorded so other teams could view them later, it can sometimes be a challenge to follow workshops that were recorded real-time in front of an audience.  Assembling a workshop not intended for a live audience allows more flexibility in the presentation of material and gives a chance for folks from just about anywhere to get involved in content creation.  Also, teams no longer have to wait until after kickoff to see the workshops for themselves – they’re available now, pre-build season, when things are slightly less hectic. 

This is another ‘something new’ FRC is trying this season.  Let us know what you think!


I’ll blog again soon.


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