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Apr 03, 2020 Written by FIRST Scholarship Provider, Kettering University

Kettering University is proud to offer Robotics Scholarships to students every year. These competitive scholarships are awarded to active competitors or mentors of FIRST or other competitive robotics organizations. They are the proven leaders, collaborators, and problem-solvers who give back to the robotics community and make every effort to pass on their knowledge and enthusiasm to others.

Kettering students stay involved as FIRST Alumni in our fully-outfitted FIRST Robotics Community Center by participating in the Ri3D competition, Battle Bots, VEX and serving as mentors and volunteers. Almost 30% of the students at Kettering are FIRST Alumni.

Congratulations to this year’s recipients from the following teams:

FIRST Robotics Competition
Team 66 Grizzly Robotics
Team 67 HOT Team 
Team 68 Truck Town Thunder
Team 70 More Martians 
Team 74 C.H.A.O.S.
Team 85 B.O.B. 
Team 95 Grasshoppers 
Team 135 Penn Robotics
Team 179 Children of the Swamp
Team 201 FEDS 
Team 217 ThunderChickens 
Team 314 Big Mo 
Team 469 Las Guerillas 
Team 619 Cavalier Robotics
Team 691 Project 691
Team 818 Steel Armadillos 
Team 862 Lightning Robotics 
Team 910 Foley Freeze
Team 1188 Ravens 
Team 1322 G.R.A.Y.T. Leviathons 
Team 1506 Metal Muscle 
Team 1559 Devil Tech
Team 1701 Robocubs 
Team 2145 HAZMAT 
Team 2172 Steel Unit-E 
Team 2337 EngiNERDS 
Team 2611 Jacktown Vektors 
Team 2851 Crevolution 
Team 3173 IgKnighters 
Team 3322 Eagle Imperium 
Team 3534 House of Cards 
Team 3536 Electro Eagles 
Team 3539 Byting Bulldogs
Team 3542 S.P.E.E.D.
Team 3641 Flying Toasters 
Team 3656 Dreadbots 
Team 4737 Atomigators 
Team 4810 I.AM.Robot 
Team 4910 East Cobb Robotics 
Team 4956 RoboSharks
Team 4967 That ONE Team 
Team 4983 Mancelona IronBots 
Team 5090 TorqueNados 
Team 5150 Hybrid Hornets
Team 5160 Chargers 
Team 5166 Fabricators 
Team 5167 Vi Bots 
Team 5234 Marauderbots 
Team 5505 V2 (Volts Squared)
Team 5561 Raider Robotics 
Team 5688 Robo Cats 
Team 5843 Flurb 
Team 5907 Shambots
Team 6090 Wayland Wildcats
Team 6120 Cyberstangs 
Team 6753 CBA RoboKings
Team 7150 Ogemaw Overdrive 
Team 7166 Red Thunder Robotics 
Team 7178 Yeti 
Team 7226 Error 404 
Team 7289 Blue Eagles
Team 7553 SWEET Bots
Team 7784 Vassar Voltage

FIRST Tech Challenge
Team 14988 LRA Royals 
Team 6567 RoboRaiders 
Team 7400 Exo Eagles
Team 8145 Brighton HS Robotics

Congratulations to these talented, creative robotics students! For more information, contact Kim Shumaker, Robotics Outreach Manager at Kettering University

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