FIRST Scholarship Search Series: The Basics

Aug 07, 2017 Written by FIRST Staff

As we speed quickly through the remainder of the summer of 2017 and we prepare to open the 2018 FIRST Scholarship Program (on September 1!) we'll begin a new series of Scholarship Blogs: FIRST Scholarship Search.

Today's post is about the basics of the FIRST Scholarship Program and it's webpage: 

  • The FIRST Scholarship Program is a Partnership between organizations which make available Scholarships specifically to FIRST Participants and Alumni and FIRST.
    • FIRST does not fund or administer any of the Scholarships in the Program.
    • The majority of Scholarship Providers in the Program are specific Colleges and Universities.
  • Each year, FIRST works with Scholarship Providers to ensure that accurate information is posted to for any scholarships in the Program
    • Sometimes we do not receive confirmation on whether or not a particular Provider will continue with the Program and we do not post unconfirmed information.
    • We work with potential new Scholarship Providers on developing new opportunities and are always interested in speaking with the type of Schools that you are interested in. Please email us at to suggest new Providers! 
  • The Scholarship Program operates on a September - August year
    • Scholarships in a given Program year are made available for the upcoming academic year. 
    • i.e. Scholarships in the 2017 FIRST Scholarship Program were for use in the 2017/18 Academic year.
  • Scholarships are hosted at for the whole year of posting, regardless of the deadline.
    • This is so that users can see what sorts of Scholarships were made available in the current year in preparation for the next. 


Stay tuned for our next post in the FIRST Scholarship Search series soon!

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