FIRST Scholarship Search Series: The Details

Aug 16, 2017 Written by FIRST Staff

Welcome back to our blog series "FIRST Scholarship Search"!

Access Post 1: The Basics

Today's post is about all of the details contained about any scholarships within the FIRST Scholarship Program.

  • Program
    • Which FIRST Program(s) you must have participated in, at the high school level, in order to be eligible for this scholarship
  • Provider
    • Who is making available the Scholarship - generally this is a specific College/University
    • This also links to the Scholarship Provider's website if you click on the link!
  • Location
    • State/Province where the Scholarship can be used
    • For College/University Scholarship Providers this is the place where the school is located. 
    • For non-school-based Scholarship Providers, this is where you can use the scholarship i.e. where you must go to college in order to access the funding
  • Description
    • This  field has a LOT of information
    • Name of Scholarship (if it's specific)
    • Amount of scholarship and whether or not its renewable (and how much total it's renewable for if so!)
    • Link to additional details and the application for this Scholarship
  • Available
    • Number of these Scholarships that are available this year
  • Grade
    • When you need to apply for the scholarship
  • Deadline
    • Scholarship application deadline  «« Don't  miss this!
  • Expired
    • If the deadline for this year has passed, an hourglass will appear here to indicate that you can no longer apply.

Stay tuned for more in our Scholarship Search series soon!


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