FIRST Scholarship Search Series: Filtering

Sep 05, 2017 Written by FIRST Staff

Welcome back to our blog series "FIRST Scholarship Search"!

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Today's post is about how to utilize the filter functions at

There are 6 filtering options on the FIRST Scholarship search page, filtering your search by any of these options can help to hone in on scholarships that fit your criteria.

  • College Location
    • This allows you to filter by where a Scholarship can be used
    • Select by country or by specific state/province
      • There are state/province filters for the United States, Canada, and Mexico only, and all states/ provinces are listed regardless of whether there are currently Scholarship Providers within them. If you're having trouble finding scholarships in one of those countries by state/province, try filtering by country.
      • Other countries in which there are (or have been) FIRST Scholarships you can filter only by country.
    • For non-school-specific Scholarships select ' -- All Areas --' as your filter
  • Select Grade 
    • This allows you to filter by when an applicant should apply,
    • There are three options: Junior year (11th grade) of high school; Senior year (12th grade) of high school; or College Student
    • Be aware that the vast majority of scholarships require applications during the Senior year. 
  • Citizenship/ Residency
    • This allows you to filter by whether or not a Scholarship has specific citizenship/residency criteria
    • There are two options: Citizenship Requirements; No Citizenship Requirements
    • This filter is especially useful for applicants who are outside of the US and/or interested in applying for Scholarships outside of their home country.
    • Details on what the citizenship requirements are for a scholarship should be detailed on the Details and Applications link.
  • Select Program Type
    • This allows you to filter by which FIRST Program(s) you must have participated in in order to be eligible to apply for specific scholarships. 
    • There are three options: All Programs; FIRST Robotics Competition; FIRST Tech Challenge
    • The vast majority of scholarships are available to participants in either high-school level FIRST Program.
  • New Scholarships
    • This allows you to filter by scholarships that are new in the current year (either made available for the first time or returned to the Program after one or more years away) 
    • There are two options: New This Year or All Scholarships
  • Focus
    • This allows you to filter by scholarships with a specific focus.
    • This is a new feature for the 2018 FIRST Scholarship Program and will continue to be enhanced
    • Currently, there are two options: Engineering or None
    • Selecting the 'Engineering' option will show you scholarships that have a specific preference or requirement for students who are (or plan to) major in engineering
      • You can find information on all major preferences and requirements in the 'Description' box.
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