FIRST Scholarship Search Series: Search Bar

Aug 21, 2017 Written by FIRST Staff

Welcome back to our blog series "FIRST Scholarship Search"!

Access Post 1: The Basics

Access Post 2: The Details

Today's post is about how to utilize the Search Bar at

The search bar will look for any information contained in the 'description' box of the Scholarship search table. Enter any term(s) that you are looking for and the results will be filtered.

Some information to be aware of:

  • If you type in – Macquarie– you’ll get a list that shows you all scholarships with the word Macquarie in it. Easy right?
  • If you type in – University – you’ll get a list of all scholarships with that word in them (hint! It’s a lot!).
  • If you search for – Worcester Polytechnic Institute – you’ll get results that show all scholarships that have any of those words – it’s an ‘or’ function
  • If you want to search precisely try using quotation marks – “Worcester Polytechnic Institute” - will get you much more precise results than without quotation marks

Stay tuned for our next post in the FIRST Scholarship Search series soon!

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