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Innovation opportunity for Canadian FIRST participants! Applications due September 8th

Sep 04, 2018 Written by FIRST Scholarship Provider: TKS

The Knowledge Society (TKS) is selecting ambitious Canadian FIRST Participants ages 13-17 to expose them to cutting-edge topics like Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Genetic Engineering, and Cryptocurrency, while connecting with world-class mentors from companies like Google, Tesla, McKinsey, Apple, and Instagram. The goal is to build the next Elon Musks to solve the world's most important problems!

The program led by successful entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley, who have built and sold companies, and have advised CEOs from the world's top 500 companies. By the end of the program, you will have dramatically accelerated your professional and personal development by developing the skills, knowledge, and network to make a massive change in the world.

See the 2018 TKS Showcase for what students are working on!

The program is modeled after curriculums from Stanford, Harvard, and MIT, and designed to replicate learning environments of companies like Google and Facebook. By the end of the program, students will:

+ Have a deep understanding of exponential technologies and how they can be applied to solve the world's most important problems

+ Become world-class presenters, collaborators, and problem-solvers

+ Build their network of executives and intellectually like-minded people

+ Have exclusive opportunities to consult for real-world companies like Airbnb, TD, Microsoft etc... on their top business priorities

+ Develop a robust portfolio of their work to gain internship and experiential learning opportunities

The deadline for applications is September 8th, 2018. Should take you less than 30 minutes! To apply and for more information, visit: be sure to indicate that you've heard about this opportunity from 'FIRST' (question 8) to qualify for the $500 scholarship. 

If you have any questions, please email Nazra:

P.S. No prior knowledge of these technologies required

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