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  1. FIRST Newsletter – March, 2017 – FIRST Alumni Take On a New Challenge: FIRST VISTAs

    affected me as a child,” Croteau said. “I saw it as a way to give back.” Croteau (pictured right, ... To help those rural teams, she established a spare parts system. She also brings years of fundraising ... in my application, I started working in the NYC FIRST office,” he said. Persaud is helping Title ...

    kplasket - 03/07/2017 - 4:41pm

  2. FIRST Newsletter – Winter, 2016 – FIRST, Inspire Gala

    gathered at 583 Park Avenue in New York, New York. In total, the event raised $1.7 million to help further ... for inspiring students to pursue STEM and help build stronger communities. Diana Lee Guzman, FIRST Alumna ... will.i.am. "We need to help make FIRST mandatory in every school." In addition to the awards, ...

    mnormand - 02/11/2016 - 1:38pm

  3. 2017/2018 FIRST Song Parody Competition

    36,611 total votes cast- way to # makeitloud! To everyone who participated in this year's # FIRST ... to help us #makeitloud during the third annual # FIRST Parody competition. We can't wait to see what ... Any group or individual who is interested in helping #makeitloud- Participants, Mentors, Volunteers, ...

    bcox - 01/25/2018 - 8:54am

  4. Blog Contributor Guidelines

    are we looking for? Inspire posts can be on a wide range of topics, including: Ways to help young people ... is to be the definitive resource for parents, educators, and mentors in helping them to develop the next generation ... be positive, fun, uplifting, at times edgy and controversial, but always in a positive way. Who will write ...

    mnormand - 05/17/2017 - 6:39am

  5. FIRST Scholarship Provider Resources

    an impactful way for a college, university, corporation, or professional association to support the  FIRST ...  mission. Not only is it a great way to encourage high school students to study science, math, engineering, ... and technology, it is also an effective way to promote your organization to these highly talented students. The video ...

    bcox - 05/23/2018 - 8:56am

  6. Rules & Expectations for FIRST Robotics Competition Events

    they can expect at events, important “to dos,” recommended items and practices that are likely helpful ... there are a variety of items that they may find helpful. This section identifies common tools, references, etc. ... attention to your team in ways that are in good taste and in the spirit of the competition. Consent ...

    Jamee Luce - 02/16/2018 - 5:57pm

  7. How will you make a difference?

    that will help people all over the globe, tell us what you hope to accomplish! Selected submissions will ... that by submitting a video,  FIRST  reserves the right to use the video in any way, without your permission. No Yes ...

    bcox - 10/04/2016 - 4:53pm

  8. Vision and Mission

    mentor-based, research and robotics programs that help them become science and technology leaders, as well ... advocate for science and technology. His passion and determination to help young people discover ... Gracious Professionalism is part of the ethos of FIRST. It's a way of doing things that encourages ...

    mnormand - 05/15/2018 - 2:15pm

  9. Alumni and Scholarship Program Resources

    Materials to help educate  FIRST  Participants, Alumni, Mentors, Coaches, Parents, and Guidance ...

    bcox - 04/03/2018 - 9:22pm

  10. FIRST Newsletter – March, 2017 – FIRST Snapshots

    mid-way through our Halloween costume builds, the kids rededicated their efforts despite our school ... their robotics skills to help in efforts to save a puppy that was trapped in a borehole in Istanbul for 11 days ... in February. Team 3646 “INTEGRA,” with help from Team 6025 “Adroit Androids,” built a robotic arm intended ...

    bcox - 03/07/2017 - 4:46pm