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VISTA of the Quarter

The FIRST® VISTA program is proud to sponsor “VISTA of the Quarter”, a program through which VISTA members, Site Supervisors, or other key adult volunteers in the field that work with VISTA members are able to nominate them as recognition for outstanding service. VISTA members are rewarded for outstanding service and receive a certificate and other recognition items.

Congratulations to our VISTAs of the Quarter!


Photo of VISTA members Martha Rivera and Claire Edwards

Martha Rivera - Puerto Rico and Claire Edwards - Los Angeles, CA


Martha and Claire have demonstrated success in compliance, attendance, meeting performance measures, supporting fellow VISTA members, and fully participating in program activities.

Here is what people who work alongside them had to say:


“Martha brought in enormous skills from the field of journalism, sponsorship, networking, and community building. Her dedication and commitment to the FIRST program and our organization have been unwavering. Even amidst the COVID lockdowns and pandemic uncertainties, Martha continued to forge through with continual research, ideas and efforts to grow FIRST in Puerto Rico. Significant highlights of her work include her great ability to conduct outreach and connect us to key organizations and individuals. Martha led 90% of the symposium and worked gracefully building powerful relationships for FIRST in Puerto Rico. Currently, we have high interest for a university collaborator for FIRST in Puerto Rico, thanks to Martha’s work. In addition to this outreach, she continues knocking on doors at schools and in communities where FIRST has no presence. She has secured meetings with mayors and school leaders and is a fierce advocate for the program. She is persistent and insisting on advocating for the use of public funding at the municipal and government level.  She has left an extraordinary impact on our program and we are extremely fortunate for her contributions, commitment, loyalty and friendship.” – Miray R.

“Claire has been essential in achieving our partnership with the LA Unified School District to bring FIRST to over a hundred new schools this past school year. She ran point on communications between LAUSD, FIRST, and all the teachers who coached the teams.  And led the planning of our culminating "LAUSD Regional" championship event in April. We would never have done this without her!” – Lilly K.

“I wanted to give a shout-out to Claire Edwards who I have been working with for the past few weeks for the lead up to the LAUSD FTC event. Claire was communicative and clear with what she was trying to help organize and what she needed from us as a program. Claire’s contribution to the successful LAUSD event was instrumental in the positive event experience for both the volunteers and the students. She worked really hard, the event went wonderfully, we are so grateful!” – Rosy B.

Congratulations again to Martha and Claire! Thank you so much for your service!

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