Current VISTAs and Locations

The FIRST® AmeriCorps VISTA Program places VISTA members across the United States in key areas identified as needing support. Please view the resources linked below to learn more about who FIRST VISTA members are and where they serve. 

FIRST AmeriCorps VISTA Active Site Locations

FIRST AmeriCorps VISTA Map

FIRST AmeriCorps VISTA Bios

FIRST AmeriCorps Regional VISTA Leaders

Location Name Email
FIRST Headquarters Zeph Long
FIRST Headquarters Angel Jones
FIRST Headquarters Kate Sample

FIRST AmeriCorps VISTA Members

Location Name Email
Birmingham, Alabama Emmy Bray
Huntsville, Alabama Scarlett Bautista 
Flagstaff, Arizona Patricia Strones 
Jacksonville, Florida Nickie Chatman-Brown 
Jacksonville, Florida Sachin Sundar 
Tampa, Florida Marissa Schiereck
West Palm Beach, Florida Marion Ross 
Indianapolis, Indiana Matt Malinak
Las Vegas, Nevada Nathanial Holliday
Reno, Nevada Lauren Halvorson 
Manchester, New Hampshire Tyler Jones 
New York City, New York Gabriella Guimaraes
New York City, New York Lianza Yap
New York City, New York Srikar Gudimella 
Greensboro, North Carolina Jessica Clark
San Juan, Puerto Rico Martha Rivera 
Houston, Texas Devin Vernado
Houston, Texas Reggie Williams
McAllen, Texas André Adame-Ceballos 
McAllen, Texas Victor Menchaca 
Pasadena, Texas Dana Harris 
Pasadena, Texas Reed Thornton 
San Antonio, Texas Adam Miller 
San Antonio, Texas DeAnna Wood
Milwaukee, Wisconsin Amber Wycklendt 
Milwaukee, Wisconsin Bridget Lee