FIRST® is the world’s leading youth-serving nonprofit advancing STEM education.

For 30 years, FIRST has combined the rigor of STEM learning with the fun and excitement of traditional sports and the inspiration that comes from community through programs that have a proven impact on learning, interest, and skill-building inside and outside of the classroom.

Join our team and let's work together to prepare young people for the future.


FIRST Core Values

FIRST Core Values


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An experienced Carpenter who will contribute to the construction of FRC practice fields, competition fields, game components, and the cases, crates, and pallets that will transport them around the world. With Gracious Professionalism® our ideal candidate will collaborate and support engineers, field maintenance personnel, and colleagues.
This role is based at our headquarters in Manchester, NH and is a fully in-person role. Learn more!
Engineering Manager with a love for FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC). In this role you will lead technical studies, product design, preparation, specifications, technical plans, and product testing for FRC game design. You will be responsible for the quality of the FRC playing field, ease of assembly, and all game elements. With Gracious Professionalism® our ideal candidate will lead a team of engineering, technicians, and field maintenance professionals, ensuring that everyone is provided with growth and learning opportunities Learn more!
We are looking for a mechanical engineer who will contribute to FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) game design, build game prototypes, draft and maintain documentation (e.g. drawings, instruction manuals, rule sets), and design/build demonstration robots. With Gracious Professionalism® you will collaborate and support customers, donors, colleagues, and volunteers. Learn more!
You are an experienced Software Development Manager who enjoys keeping on top of new trends, developments, technologies, and best practices and applying this knowledge to continually improve products and software development agility. You will lead a professional team through the complete lifecycle of developing custom software applications and configuring third party applications and ensure the team's growth and learning. Learn more!


FIRST has temporarily suspended our annual summer internship program.
We hope to offer this internship opportunity in the future. Please email with any questions.

FIRST Employee Benefits

FIRST Employee Benefits




"Every single person at FIRST is contributing toward a brighter, more innovative future. We all have a part to play in that goal, and the result is an energized and collaborative workplace.”

- Jennifer O’Callaghan, Community Engagement Manager
Jennifer O’Callaghan, Community Engagement Manager


"I like working at FIRST for a number of reasons. First, our mission is powerful and works. Second, everyone here is dedicated to working towards that mission. Finally, our leadership is incredibly supportive of employees and empower us to find new ways that we can increase our impact."

- Collin Fultz,
Stewardship Manager
Collin Fultz, Stewardship Manager


"I have learned so much since starting work here in 2015. I learned that I am capable of many different things and have a wonderful support group to help me grow."

- Malcolm Strickland,
Mechanical Engineering Technician
Malcolm Strickland, Mechanical Engineering Technician