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FIRST will strive to create an environment in which team members can grow, learn, and have fun with minimal risk of injury. FIRST will strive to inform everyone involved in its programs of its Youth Protection Program (FIRST YPP), and related resources, and provide assistance in meeting its standards. FIRST will maintain a Youth Protection Department (FIRST YPD) at its Manchester, New Hampshire headquarters for the purpose of fulfilling its commitment to protecting youth.

FIRST  Youth Protection Program Guide (6 MB)

Forms (4 MB)

Zip file contains:

  • Consent Team Travel Form
  • Medical Incident Form
  • New Volunteer Application
  • Notification Guidelines Parents Form
  • Non-Medical Incident Form
  • Tracking Documenting YPC Form

FIRST Code of Conduct

Youth Protection Training - Schoology Modules

Training Videos

Keeping Kids Safe - for adults working with youth

Team Safety Meeting Video - High School version

Team Safety Meeting Video - Middle School version

Team Safety Meeting Resources for Ages 6-10

Traffic Light Activity

Surprises vs. Secrets Activity

Buddy System Activity

More information regarding the YPP screening/clearance process and what to expect:

U.S. Screening Process Step by Step  

Canadian Screening Process Video

YPP Frequently Asked Questions