The Event Experience

FIRST Tech Challenge events help students gain sense of accomplishment and confidence while they:  

  • collaborate and share ideas,
  • compete with their robots,
  • engage with cutting edge technology,
  • creatively solve problems,
  • and have fun.

Qualifying teams may earn a spot at the annual FIRST Championship.

FIRST Program Delivery Partners are your local program contacts and manage the events in your area. Event formats and timing for the 2021-2022 season will be determined by your Program Delivery Partner. Some partners may charge an additional event fee, which is not included in team registration.

Search for your Program Delivery Partner.

Remote Events
Remote events allow teams to compete independently using half-sized fields and no alliance partner or opposing alliance to respect social distancing. These events also include remote judging for all the same awards as traditional events. For details on how Remote Events will be played this year check out FIRST Tech Challenge Game Manual Part 1 - Remote Events and Game Manual Part 2 – Remote Events. We’ve also created Remote Team Resources to help teams be successful this season.