Cost & Registration

FIRST® Robotics Competition leaves students with a sense of accomplishment and the understanding that they can do anything with their collective skills, leadership and confidence, and that their experience with FIRST will positively impact their future.

Note: For information about the 2022-2023 season, read our March 21, 2022, announcement about 2022-2023 season pricing changes for team registration fees. 

2023 Team Registration for FIRST Robotics Competition teams includes the following:

  • Official FIRST Robotics Competition team number for new rookie teams.

  • 2023 Season Registration.

  • FIRST Robotics Competition Kit of Parts (Note: registration fees do not cover duties, fees, or taxes associated with shipping Kit of Parts items, nor do they cover shipping Kickoff Kits to team locations or shipping FIRST Choice material. FIRST is not responsible for these additional costs. Additional costs per teams vary.)

    • Kickoff Kit (Rookie* teams receive additional materials with their Kickoff Kit)

    • Virtual Kit, and

    • credits for FIRST® Choice

  • Free shipping of Kickoff Kit to a Local Kickoff (duties, taxes, and fees not included)

  • Eligibility for submitted Awards, including Chairman’s Award (veterans only), Dean’s List, and Woodie Flowers Finalist Award

  • Team member and alumni access to career discovery opportunities, networking, and the FIRST Scholarship Program.

  • Access to team roster to register team members including mentors and participants

  • Participation at one (1) Regional Event for Regional Teams or participation at two (2) District Events for District Teams

FIRST believes all students need equitable access to opportunity, relevant mentorship, and engagement to build a foundation for a bright future. We are available to assist teams in securing funding when extra help is needed. Registered teams also receive complimentary access to FIRST fundraising tools and resources to help teams create their own opportunities. Grants and sponsorships for teams may also be available provided locally, regionally, and nationally by many corporations.



All Registration Fees are in U.S. Dollars only and sales tax may applyPlease note, by registering for any FIRST® Program, you agree to FIRST Payment Terms.  


Step by Step Checkout Instructions

(Dashboard Tutorials provide step-by-step walkthroughs of the process.)


FIRST Events - ALL REGIONALS Registration Fee Payment Due Date
1 Regional Event $6,000 November 14, 2022
Additional Regional Event(s)** $3,000 January 31, 2023
FIRST Championship
(pre-qualified teams)
FIRST Championship
(in-season qualifying teams)
$5,000 Email to team upon qualification with due date and terms




FIRST Events - ALL DISTRICTS Registration Fee Payment Due Date
2 District Events $6,000 November 14, 2022
Additional Inter-District Plays** $1,000 January 31, 2023
District Championship*** $4,000 See below***
FIRST Championship
(pre-qualified teams)
$5,000 January 31, 2023
FIRST Championship
(in-season qualifying teams)
$5,000 Email to team upon qualification with due date and terms


FIRST Events - Additional In-District Plays** Registration Fee Payment Due Date
FIRST Chesapeake District, CHS
(DC, MD, and VA teams)
$1,000 January 31, 2023
FIRST in Michigan District, FIM
(MI teams)
FIRST Indiana District, FIN
(IN teams)
FIRST in Texas District, FIT
(NM and TX teams)
FIRST Mid-Atlantic District, FMA
(DE, NJ, and Eastern PA teams)
FIRST North Carolina District, FNC
(NC teams)
New England FIRST District, NE
(CT, MA, ME, NH, RI, and VT teams)
Peachtree District, PCH
(GA teams)
FIRST Israel District, ISR
(Israel teams)
See FIRST Israel website for payment terms, fees, and payment due dates.
FIRST Ontario District, ONT
(ON, CA teams)
See FIRST Canada website for payment terms, fees, and payment due dates.
Pacific Northwest FIRST District, PNW
(AK, OR, and WA teams)
See FIRST Washington website for payment terms, fees, and payment due dates.

*Rookie: Read full criteria

**Additional In-District and Inter-District Plays: Apply only to teams participating in the District system. 

***District Championships: Chairman Award Winners must secure their District Championship slot within 72 hours of being notified if qualifying in Week 1-4; 48 hours if qualifying in Weeks 5-6.