Kit of Parts

Each year, the FIRST Robotics Competition ships out Kits of Parts (KoP) to teams around the world. Not designed to be a "bolt together" solution to play the game, the Kit of Parts is a starting point for teams, containing mostly donated components from Suppliers across multiple industries.

FIRST Robotics Competition Suppliers are an incredibly supportive group who are proud to be involved in the hardest fun you'll ever have! Be sure to thank them when you see them at our events!

The Kit of Parts is split into 3 parts, available to teams through a variety of sources.

  • Kickoff Kit - items delivered to Teams at their Local Kickoff site or delivered to Teams that need to have their Kickoff Kit shipped directly to them (at the Team's expense.)
  • FIRST Choice - a menu of items available to registered 2016 teams, for free, as part of their Kit of Parts.
  • Virtual Kit - available to Teams directly from the Supplier either via download or custom order.

Detailed information about 2017 Kit of Parts.