FIRST Senior Mentor Program

FIRST® Senior Mentors (FSMs) recruit and support teams, mentors, coaches, and volunteers while expanding and deepening both the awareness and exposure of the progression of FIRST programs. From the ground-up to the larger community, FIRST Senior Mentors recruit, support, and expand, piece by piece.

Who are FIRST Senior Mentors?

FIRST Senior Mentors (FSMs) are a group of highly skilled and talented technical and non-technical individuals, who focus on recruiting, supporting, and expanding FIRST programs within their assigned region. 

Through outreach events, expositions, and demonstrations FIRST Senior Mentors attract new volunteers, mentors, and coaches to sustain and support FIRST teams across all programs. FIRST  Senior Mentors strengthen and expand FIRST partnerships with businesses, educational institutions, and communities.  

The FIRST® Senior Mentor program, founded in 2005, is a critical component to an organization that needs people on the ground, working in a hands-on environment, filling in the gaps of support to whomever and whatever is needed. FIRST Senior Mentors work in a cross-program, grassroots approach to recruit, support and expand FIRST.  

What do FIRST Senior Mentors do?

  • Raise awareness about FIRST programs and events in their local community 
  • Support coaches, mentors, and volunteers 
  • Provide technical and non-technical support to FIRST teams 
  • Recruit rookie teams 
  • Help strengthen existing teams and enable year-to-year growth 

How do you become a FIRST Senior Mentor?

FIRST Senior Mentors are recruited through a cross-program nomination process that occurs locally at the collaborative recommendation of their Program Delivery Partners because of their previous relationships with FIRST Programs and their general understanding of the culture of FIRST. Most, if not all FSMs have had existing relationships with FIRST as team mentors, coaches, or event volunteers. FSMs typically work in a part-time capacity, (10-15 hours per week), in constant communication and collaboration with each Program Delivery Partner and/or Program Delivery Organization.  

How do I contact my FIRST Senior Mentor?