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General Resources

How to Become a FIRST Volunteer - Helpful information on how to volunteer with FIRST®

Volunteer Registration User Guide - Frequently asked questions regarding Volunteer Registration. 

Volunteer Screening Guide - Information about the volunteer screening process.

FIRST Volunteer Handbook - Comprehensive guide to the different ways people can volunteer with FIRST. Includes expectations, descriptions of trainings, policies, and other resources. Updated 12/19/2018


Conflict of Interest and Disclosure Statement - A required form for specific volunteer roles.

FIRST Walk-On Event Volunteer Policy and Application Form - A required form for volunteers who are not previously assigned in Volunteer Registration.

Medical Incident Report Form - A form for medical incidents that occur at events.

NEW! Non-Medical Online Reporting Form - A form that can be used for any concern ranging from or related to volunteer issues, venue issues, Code of Conduct issues, or Youth Protection issues.

Event Volunteer Role Descriptions



FIRST Tech Challenge

FIRST Robotics Competition

FIRST Policies and Procedures

FIRST Volunteer Code of Conduct

FIRST Volunteer Rights and Responsibilities

FIRST Volunteer Customer Service Training