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As a mentor or coach of a FIRST® team there is a lot to know about how to get started with your team as well as how to prepare yourself to be an effective FIRST volunteer. “You don’t know what you don’t know.” Research has proven that checklists can help improve processes and eliminate mistakes.

Coach of team reviewing strategy

Please use this checklist to help guide you through your journey of mentoring or coaching a FIRST team.

Mentor/Coach Checklist

  • Create FIRST Account

    • Activate Account
    • Log into Account
    • Read and sign the FIRST Terms and Conditions
    • If prompted, complete profile information
  • Create Team

    • Click the blue “Create New Team(s)" button under the “My Teams” tab to create your team
    • Select your role on the team (lead coach 1 or team administrator)
    • Select program registration
    • Enter team name (this can be changed at any time)
    • Add lead coach 2 (if information is readily available) or elect to add later
    • Add product to your “Team Shopping Cart”.
    • New teams are provided a temporary team number. Once registration is secured, a new permanent team number is assigned.
    • Secure registration and product (secure registration = pay registration and product fee)
      • Waiting for grant funding? Please wait until the grant monies are available on your FIRST Dashboard. When available, the grant is reflected on the “Review Order” screen prior to completing the order.
    • Allow 7-10 business days to receive product. (FIRST LEGO League Jr. / FIRST LEGO League / FIRST Tech Challenge)
  • Invite/Add Lead Coach 2 (if not already done in step above)

    • Both coaches, complete registration processes
    • Sign Consent & Release form
    • Complete Youth Protection Program (YPP) Screening (for US & Canada)
      • Both coaches must pass the background screening to access the team roster.
    • Add team administrator and additional mentors/coaches to team in system
  • Build Team Roster

    • Invite parent/guardian or student (if over age 13) to register with the team
      • You do not need to have all participants yet to start registering your team
    • Parents/Guardians or students should register with team
      • Ask parent/guardian to call FIRST, if they have difficulty registering youth
      • Phone: (603) 666-3906 or (800) 871-8326 Monday - Friday 8:30 - 5:00 EST/EDT
      • The Youth Registration System Guide for Parents is a step-by-step guide to assist parents with the registration process
      • Consent and Release forms are signed electronically by clicking the blue “Accept” button at the bottom of the form
        • This form is accessible via the “Youth Options” button under the “Parent/Guardian-Youth” tab
  • Complete FIRST Trainings

  • Plan Team Meetings

    • Find a space to hold your meetings
    • Create a team meeting schedule and share with your team
  • Find Your Local Program Delivery Partners (and/or FIRST Senior Mentor in US & Canada)

    • Contact your local partner for info on how to register to compete in a local FIRST event
  • Read the Team Blast emails carefully and use the resources they provide

  • Always use Gracious Professionalism®

  • Provide us with feedback – fill out surveys, email

Program-Specific Mentor Coach Resources