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This webpage hosts a collection of resources to help teams with some of the aspects of running a team such as organizing your team, fundraising, and more. Disclaimer: Some of the following links lead to external web sites that are not endorsed or controlled by FIRST, and may contain outdated or inaccurate information about FIRST

Team Management Resources

Mentor Resources

  • Guide to Running a FIRST Robotics Competition Team - A guide intended to help teams with best practices for running their FIRST Robotics Competition team. 
  • Effective Mentoring - This guide is intended to help new or prospective mentors 
  • FIRST Robotics Competition Calendar - The official calendar for FIRST Robotics Competition which includes important deadlines. If you click on a specific calendar item, you can also download those items to your own personal calendar.
  • 2023 COVID Season Guidance for Teams - This guide explores a variety of options for how your season and key components of the FIRST experience can be implemented in-person, remotely, or a combination of both.
  • Youth Protection Program - Check out this webpage to learn more about the Youth Protection Program that provides coaches, mentors, event volunteers, employees, Program Delivery Partners, team members, parents, guardians of team members, and others working with FIRST programs with information, guidelines, and procedures to create safe environments for FIRST participants.
  • FIRST Reporting Portal - We encourage anyone participating with FIRST or attending FIRST related activities or events to report concerns to FIRST. The FIRST Reporting Portal provides a confidential platform to report youth protection concerns, medical incidents, or other issues. All reports are reviewed by trained staff and reporters will receive a follow-up response as long as contact information is provided.
  • Find Local Support – A page to find your local Program Deliver Organizations that partner with FIRST in each community that include Program Delivery Partners (PDPs) and FIRST Senior Mentors.

Team Organization

Cost, Fundraising, & Grants 

  • Cost & Registration - A webpage that covers information on the cost and registration for FIRST Robotics Competition teams.
  • Sales Tax Information - A webpage that describes the sales tax process for all teams and how it impacts your registration fees.
  • Example Budget - An example budget that shares things to consider when creating your FIRST Robotics Competition budget as well as the average budgets reported to FIRST broken into different categories. 
  • Fundraising 101 - A resource that covers the basics of fundraising. An important part of being sustainable year after year is raising enough money to support your team. Fundraising allows your team to develop both technically and as a program by providing sufficient funds to grow and expand your team.
  • Fundraising Toolkit - Tips and tricks to elevate your team's fundraising efforts.
  • Grant Opportunities - A list of available grants that FIRST is aware of and information on how to apply. Teams can use the filters to sort by location, program, and other filters. 
  • FIRST Grants FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions and Answers related to Grants. 
  • FIRST Regranting, Process, Procedures, and W-9 - A webpage that discusses the Regranting Policy and procedure.
  • How To: Sponsor Relations - A resource to help manage your relationships with sponsors and ideas on what to provide them to keep them engaged.
  • Hack Club Bank - Hack Club Bank is a full-stack fiscal sponsor for organizing anything and can help teams manage their funds.


  • Inventive Outreach and Your Team by Alum and 971 Mentor Sarah Heimlich - In this video, learn about creative methods to engage members in outreach activities that best fit the resources and mission of your team.
  • Hows and Whys of STEM/FIRST Outreach - This presentation was created by Hall of Fame Team 1816, The Green Machine, and covers concepts teams can use when selecting outreach events for their team to participate in. 


Game Specific & Technical Resources

  • Game Manual & Season Specifics - A webpage hosting resources related to each season’s game including the manual, team updates, and more.
  • Kit of Parts - A webpage that incudes information on the Kit of Parts (KoP) that is included with every team's registration fee.
  • Safety - Learn about the importance of safety and how to implement safe practices by viewing resources including our safety manual, UL Safety Learning Portal, and more.
  • Technical Resources - a webpage consisting of a collection of technical oriented resources to help teams.

Competition Info

  • Awards - A webpage that shows all of the current FIRST Robotics Competition Awards, award deadlines, and links to the guidelines for the awards. 
  • District & Regional Event Information - A webpage to help teams be prepared for attending local events. It includes information on how to preference events as well as what to expect including judging, scouting, robot inspection, what to bring to events, and more.
  • How To: Arrange Team and Robot Transportation - A resource that discusses options when buying plane tickets for large groups, coordinating drivers for shorter distances, arranging bus transportation for longer distances, communicating travel logistics with your team, shipping your robot equipment, and more. 

Marketing Resources

  • What’s FIRST Robotics Competition? - A video that describes what FIRST Robotics Competition is and includes students, mentors, and volunteers explaining the program.
  • FIRST Robotics Competition - How it Works - A flyer that describes the FIRST Robotics Competition program. 
  • FIRST Logos and Branding Standards - Information on FIRST standards and policies when using the FIRST logo and brand.
  • Season Content and Logos - A webpage that hosts season specific marketing content such as logos and more.
  • FIRST Robotics Competition Promotional Photos - A collection of promotional photos that can be used only for the following purposes; celebration, advertisement or promotion of FIRST programs, events, or scholarships; or, for journalistic needs.
  • Student Participation Certificates - A4 and Letter
  • Imagery for FIRST Teams - a resource created by Hall of Fame Team 1902, Exploding Bacon, that shares helpful recommendations for teams when teams are deciding on imagery/branding for their team
  • Using Social Media - a resource created by Hall of Fame Team 1538, The Holy Cows, that shares how to effectively utilize different social media platforms for your team.

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