FIRST Robotics Competition celebrates the excitement of competition both on and off the field. Through the following awards, we celebrate the FIRST Core Values which makes us so much #morethanrobots. Please note that different event types (e.g. Regional events, District Competitions, FIRST Championship) offer a different set of awards. Not every award is presented at every FIRST Robotics Competition event. Details by event type are available on the linked pages below.


​Important Award Deadlines:

FIRST Dashboard

Student Award Submitter or
Lead Mentor 1 or 2

February 13, 2025, at 3pm ET

FIRST Dashboard

Adult Award Submitter or 
Lead Mentor 1 or 2

February 6, 2025, at 3pm ET

Digital Animation Award 
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Visit the Digital Animation Award page for details

Any Team Member

Coming Soon!

Safety Animation Award 
sponsored by UL Solutions

FIRST Dashboard

Student Award Submitter or
Lead Mentor 1 or 2

November 21, 2024 at 3pm ET 

FIRST Dashboard

Student Award Submitter

February 6, 2025, at 3pm ET

FIRST® Robotics Competition Awards

The awards are grouped into four categories: Machine, Creativity, and Innovation Awards, Team Attribute Awards, Submitted Awards, and Robot Performance Awards. The Founder’s Award and Volunteer of the Year Award stand alone.

To be eligible for any award, teams will be required to follow FIRST Core Values, demonstrate Gracious Professionalism®, and implement and follow appropriate safety practices.


Robot Performance Award

Finalist - Celebrates the Alliance that makes it to the final match of the competition.

Winner - Celebrates the Alliance that wins the competition.

Other Awards

Founder’s Award - Recognizes the organization or individual that has contributed significantly to the growth of FIRST.

Volunteer of the Year Award - Presented to an individual, business, or organization that consistently excels in their efforts, with proven results in the areas of impact, leadership, personal commitment, community, and historical contributions.​

Award Resources

Inside Look at the Judging Process -  Review this document to learn more about how the judging process works at events.  

Best Practices for FIRST Robotics Competition Judged Awards - This resource includes tips for talking with judges in the pits as well as tips for the FIRST Impact Award and Dean's List Award.

Award Workbook - This resource contains the award descriptions and guidelines as well as suggested questions that judges may use during pit interviews.

FIRST Impact Award Resources - This webpage contains multiple resources to help teams when submitting for the FIRST Impact Award including, previous winning team's submissions, an FAQ on the award, and additional resources.

Dean's List Award Guide - This guide assists team in preparing for the submission and for participating in the Dean’s List Award interview. It contains information on the Dean's List Award, best practices for writing the submission and preparing for the interview, and more!

Helpful Award Tips - A webpage covering frequently asked questions when trying to enter any of the submitted awards.



See also the FRC-Events Website to see past award winners.