Cost & Registration

FIRST® Tech Challenge’s thrilling robotics competitions help students develop a sense of accomplishment and the understanding that they can do anything with their collective skills, leadership, and confidence, and that their experience will positively impact their future and take them further than any other sport can.

For the best 2020-2021 season participation experience, we recommend teams register by April 30, 2021. More information about the 2021-2022 season will be available soon.

2020-2021 Season - ULTIMATE GOALSM
Season team registration for North American teams is $275. International team registration varies by location. All costs for individual team members are assumed by the team as a group.

We’re adding new opportunities for teams to get in the game this season and have a quality, flexible program experience, including teams who are in a fully remote environment. Your season team registration includes:

  • Official FIRST Tech Challenge team number
  • Ability to register and compete in official remote or in-person FIRST Tech Challenge events (varies by region)
  • Access to the FIRST storefront for discounted control system components and robot kit of parts
  • Eligibility to participate in the FIRST Innovation Challenge presented by Qualcomm
    • Teams will identify a real-world problem or opportunity related to our season theme and design a solution, build a business model, and deliver a remote pitch to compete for advancement
  • Access to resources for team management and career readiness
  • Ability to compete for team awards and FIRST Tech Challenge Dean’s List Award
  • Team member access to FIRST Scholarship program (eligibility requirements)

Registered teams also receive complimentary access to FIRST fundraising tools and resources to help teams create their own opportunities. Needs-based grants and sponsorships for teams may also be available locally, regionally, and nationally by many corporations.

Additional cost considerations may include:

  • A reusable robot kit of parts required for game play with purchase options starting at less than $900. Season team registration fee does not include shipping and handling, robot control system hardware or robot kits.
  • Additional fees for registration to local and/or remote FIRST Tech Challenge events. These fees are set and collected by the local Program Delivery Partner. Season team registration does not guarantee events are available in your area.

Payment and pricing options for your participation in the ULTIMATE GOAL season.

Pricing and Payment Options

For team registration, follow instructions below:

For larger classroom or after-school implementation options for 30+ students – visit our Class Pack offering.