Cost & Registration

FIRST® Tech Challenge’s thrilling robotics competitions help students develop a sense of accomplishment and the understanding that they can do anything with their collective skills, leadership, and confidence, and that their experience will positively impact their future and take them further than any other sport can.

2024-2025 INTO THE DEEPSM presented by RTX      
Season team registration for North American teams is $295. International team registration varies by location. All costs for individual team members are assumed by the team as a group.

Your season team registration includes:

Registered teams also receive complimentary access to FIRST fundraising tools and resources to help teams create their own opportunities. Needs-based grants and sponsorship for teams may also be available locally, regionally, and nationally by many corporations.

*For teams outside of the U.S., Canada, and Mexico who do not register in the FIRST Dashboard, please contact your local Program Delivery Partner for registration and product information. 

**All products on your team’s order, will be invoiced at the time of purchase. 

Additional cost considerations may include:

  • A reusable robot kit of parts required for game play with purchase options starting at about $1,000. Season team registration fee does not include shipping and handling, robot control system hardware, or robot kits.

  • Additional fees for registration to local and/or remote FIRST Tech Challenge events. These fees are set and collected by the local Program Delivery Partner. Season team registration does not guarantee events are available in your area.

For team registration, follow the instructions below:

Kit of Parts Options

Teams can order their robot supplies in the FIRST Tech Challenge Storefront. This will combine the registration payment and kit of parts fees together, requiring only one bill and automatically deducting any awarded grants from the final total. If you are waiting for a Rookie Grant, please do not proceed through the payment section.

In the Storefront, teams will have several options for purchase, including either a REV or TETRIX Competition set. You can also find more information about the two kits in our REV and TETRIX Bill of Materials. 

Kit of Parts Options and Pricing

REV Bill of Materials

TETRIX Kit Bill of Materials


For pricing outside of North America, contact your local representative. For questions on kit options or ordering please contact

If you are looking to incorporate FIRST into your classroom or after-school programming, learn more about FIRST Class Pack, a flexible implementation option for up to 24 students.