Instilling a culture of safety is a value that every individual in the FIRST community must embrace as we pursue FIRST’s mission and vision. FIRST Robotics Competition has adopted safety as a core value and has established the framework for safety leadership in all aspects of the program.

FIRST believes that the teams who take the lead in developing safety programs and policies have a positive and lasting impact on each team member, Mentor, their communities, and their present and future work places.FIRST recognizes the teams that demonstrate safety throughout their programs and are truly committed to developing and nurturing a safety culture.

Safety Manual 

To help teams understand and implement safe practices, the 2017 FIRST Safety Manual provides information on the FIRST Safety Awareness and Recognition Program. 

Safety Animation Award sponsored by UL

The 2017 Safety Animation Award, sponsored by UL, theme is Quest for a Safer World. Thank you to all teams who participated and congratulations to the our 2017 Safety Animation Award Winners!

1st PLACE:

FIRST Robotics Competition Team 3691, The RoboRaiders, from Northfield, Minnesota, USA


FIRST Robotics Competition Team 810, The Mechanical Bulls, from Smithtown, New York, USA

FIRST Robotics Competition Team 2129, Ultraviolet, from Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

FIRST Robotics Competition Team 1502, Technical Difficulties, Chelsea, Michigan, USA

FIRST Robotics Competition Team 3637, The Daleks, Flemington, New Jersey, USA

FIRST Robotics Competition Team 3654, TechTigers, Middletown, Connecticut, USA

The Safety Animation Award sponsored by UL theme for the 2016 FIRST STRONGHOLD season was Working Safely with your Robot. Thank you to all teams who participated and congratulations to our 2016 Safety Animation Award winners!

1st PLACE: FRC Team 846, The Funky Monkeys from San Jose, California, USA


FRC Team 1124, UberBots, from Avon, Connecticut, USA


FRC Team 2473, Goldstrikers, from Cupertino, California, USA


FRC Team 4048, Redshift, from Westborough, Massachusetts, USA

UL Safety Smart Ambassador Training

Become a Safety Smart Ambassador and help UL teach children to manage themselves and their surroundings as safely as possible through the Safety Smart Program. In this tutorial, Bill Nye the Science Guy will teach FIRST Robotics Competition students how to educate, engage and empower young children to practice safe, healthy and environmentally responsible behavior. FIRST Robotics Competition students will be introduced to the Wild About Safety DVD series of animated stories, user-friendly ambassador guides, and fun activities. Bill will explain how to share reassuring, clear and confidence building messages, why the Safety Smart Ambassador program is important, where to find the materials, and how to conduct a Safety Smart event. Check out the tutorial, become a UL Safety Smart Ambassador, be a part of helping children make the right choices and decisions regarding public health, safety and environmental stewardship, it’s easy and fun.