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General Robot Transportation Information

  • Teams shipping their robot to an event must build and use a crate in accordance with our Shipping Crate Construction guidelines. 
  • Batteries
    • There will be batteries available in the Spare Parts cases at Pit Admin, first-come first-serve basis. These batteries will be available to all teams, not specifically for teams outside of North America. Teams are encouraged to bring their own robot batteries. Please see the Shipping Crate Construction above for detailed instructions about how to ship robot batteries in your crate. Remember to check the regulations for shipping other types of batteries, specifically the new regulations about Lithium Ion batteries.
    • Non-Spillable Battery Sign for Robot Crates
  • Teams may ship additional crates with tools, pit displays and other event materials at their own expense. However, teams are responsible for abiding by all regulations, paperwork, drayage and any other costs associated with this shipment. 
  • Carriers require prior notice for pickups, especially if your location does not have a loading dock. 
  • If you find that your robot crate has been damaged on the journey to your event, you must notify Pit Admin at your event on the first day of the event. 


PLEASE NOTE: Teams MAY NOT ship their crate directly to the venue. You must make other arrangements to get your robot to the event. 


Information- Teams Based Outside of the United States

  • Shipping has become increasingly difficult over the last few years as a result of the changes the world has been going through. With that said, we would like to encourage teams to hand carry their robots in if it is feasible for them. For teams who do need to ship their robots, we estimate that the time in transit will be a minimum of three weeks. Therefore, we ask that they ship them as soon as they are able in order to allow the carrier plenty of time to transport it.
  • IMPORTANT! All teams shipping to another country must designate a Customs Broker in their country 2-4 weeks in advance of any shipment to avoid possible customs clearance and/or shipping delays.
  • Items packed in the crate on Export MUST also be included upon Import back into your home country. The entire shipment is a Temporary Export. Please work with your Customs broker to ensure proper filing.
  • FIRST is not responsible for any items that are not declared or are confiscated by Customs.
  • Your team must properly declare the value of your robot. Please reference the Bill of Materials process below. Please direct any questions to
  • Shipping Crate Construction
  • Sample Bill of Materials for International Shipping Documentation
  • Bill of Materials Process for Teams Shipping Internationally 


Here are some helpful tips for shipping your robot to an event:

  • Determine a ship-to address (Drayage Location) for the crate(s) pre-event. Remember do NOT ship your robot to the venue. Find a local Drayage Location near the venue or contact a local team willing to take in your shipment or contact the event’s Regional Director if you cannot find any storage solutions.
  • Contact a shipping carrier in your area and request a quote.
  • Establish a relationship with a Customs Broker (if you are shipping internationally) to help with the Export transaction and all paperwork.
  • Pack and ship your crate(s) to allow enough transit time. The crate(s) should arrive 2 to 5 days prior to Load-In.
  • Be sure to plan for the return of the crate(s) to your home location.

NEW! View additional tips for shipping robots internationally.


Please see below for a list of suggested international carriers:

Carrier Contact Info
R&L Carriers
United Pacific Phone#: 718-528-8889


Teams Shipping to FIRST Championship

Teams attending the 2024 FIRST Championship can choose to either ship their robot using the FedEx voucher or hand-carry to the event.

Teams that qualify and are secured (paid the event registration fee) for FIRST Championship will receive an email asking if they would like to hand-carry their robot to FIRST Championship or ship it via FedEx. Teams must select one or the other, as there will be no ‘default’ option. Please note that while the payment deadline for FIRST Championship is Tuesday, April 9, teams that are shipping should adhere to the deadlines below when shipping their robot.  

Teams that make one selection but need to change it must send an email to as soon as possible by Monday, March 25, 2024, for teams outside of the U.S. and Monday, April 1, 2024, for U.S. teams.  Requests after these dates will not be accepted.

Teams that choose to hand-carry to FIRST Championship:

  • Teams can bring your one competition robot to FIRST Championship along with all other pit equipment.
  • The load-in instructions will be included in the FIRST Championship’s Event Guide, which will be posted on the FIRST Championship website.

Teams that choose to ship to FIRST Championship:

We encourage teams to ship before the deadlines below. Last-minute shipment scheduling will put your robot at risk of not arriving to the event in time. Teams attending more than one event should ship by the deadlines after their last event:

  • Regional Competition Weeks 1-4:  Ship by March 29, 2024
  • Regional Competition Weeks 5: Ship by April 5, 2024
  • Regional Competition Week 6:  Ship by April 10, 2024
  • Week 6 District Championships: Ship by April 10, 2024

Teams that don’t ship by these deadlines risk their robots not arriving at FIRST Championship in time for the event.

Teams will not be allowed to use a FedEx shipping voucher exclusively for pit equipment/other non-robot items. Using a voucher in this way is considered an abuse of the system. If you are shipping, your robot must be in the crate.

Teams Shipping Home from FIRST Championship

  • ALL TEAMS who shipped using the FedEx Voucher must visit the FIRST Ship Desk and Shepard Exposition Services Booth (SES) at FIRST Championship prior to Load-Out for shipping confirmation and Load-Out approval.
    • Teams shipping their robot will receive a FIRST form with a Tracking Number for reference.
  • Shipments home from FIRST Championship may take 4 to 8 weeks for delivery. Please plan accordingly.

Teams Hand-Carrying Home from FIRST Championship

  • Teams opting to remove their robots from FIRST Championship are responsible for removing the robot and equipment they have brought, as well as the crate the robot was shipped in.
  • Teams that are hand-carrying their robot home do not need to visit the FIRST Ship Desk or the Shepard Exposition Services Booth (SES) at FIRST Championship. 
  • Teams will be charged a cleanup fee if their crate or other materials are left behind.


For any questions related to robot transportation to FIRST Championship please send an email to