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FIRST Robotics Competition operates under two competition models, the "District" Model and the "Regional" Model.

District Model Teams have the opportunity to compete at two smaller-scale District Events as part of their season registration. Some District Teams will earn enough ranking points at these District events to earn their way to the District Championship Event. Each District sends a representative number of Teams to the FIRST Championship through the District Championship Event (see Championship Eligibility Criteria for details). District Teams are allowed to compete at Regional Events, under some restrictions.

Regional Teams compete at one, usually larger-scale, Regional Event as part of their season registration. From each of these Regional Events, a few teams qualify for the FIRST Championship (see Championship Eligibility Criteria for details). Regional Teams are currently not allowed to compete at District Events.

Teams are assigned to the District or Regional model based solely on their location. Any Team that is not in a District geography is automatically a Regional model team. 


US District Teams by State

District Name Locations Included

FIRST Chesapeake 

Maryland, Virginia, + Washington, D.C.

FIRST in Michigan 


FIRST Indiana Robotics


FIRST in Texas 

Texas & New Mexico

FIRST Mid-Atlantic 

Delaware, New Jersey, & Eastern Pennsylvania

FIRST North Carolina North Carolina
FIRST South Carolina South Carolina


Connecticut, Massachusets, Maine, New Hampshire, & Vermont


Georgia & South Carolina

Pacific Northwest Washington & Oregon


International District Teams by Area

District Name Locations Included


Ontario, Canada

FIRST Israel Israel


FIRST Robotics Competition Teams in the US Competing in the District Model

US District Teams Map FIRST Robotics Competition


FIRST Robotics Competition Teams in Canada (Ontario) and Israel (All) Competing in the District Model

2019 Canada and Israel Map FIRST Robotics Competition