FIRST Tech Challenge Awards

Teams spend a significant amount of time designing, building, programming their robot, and learning what it takes to be part of a team. For many teams, competitions are the reward for all their hard work throughout the season. However, FIRST Tech Challenge is more than a robot competition; in addition to robot matches, teams are also eligible to win judged awards. Choosing award winners is a difficult task and judges take the responsibility very seriously. The judged awards represent a positive way to recognize teams who embody important values like Gracious Professionalism™, teamwork, creativity, innovation, and the value of the engineering design process.

Below is a list of the awards; specific criteria is outlined in the Game Manual Part 1.

FIRST Dean's List
Inspire Award
Think Award
Connect Award
Innovate Award sponsored by RTX
Design Award
Motivate Award
Control Award
Promote Award (optional)
Compass Award (optional)
Judges Choice Award (optional)