FIRST Tech Challenge Dean's List

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Mentors/coaches must review the Dean’s List Nomination Guide prior to making their Dean’s List nomination. Submissions must be made using the Team Registration System. International teams should review the Dean's List Nomination Guide for international teams. 

What is the FIRST Dean’s List Award?

In an effort to recognize the leadership and dedication of the most outstanding FIRST Tech Challenge students, the Kamen family sponsors an Award for selected top students known as the FIRST Dean’s List. Since its introduction in 2010, the FIRST Dean’s List Award has attracted the attention of prestigious colleges and universities who desire to recruit FIRST Dean’s List students. Similar to the very prestigious National Merit Scholarship Award winners, there are three (3) “categories” of FIRST Dean’s List Award students:

  1. FIRST Dean’s List Semi-Finalists
    • FIRST Dean’s List Semi-Finalists are the students nominated by each Team to compete for the FIRST Dean’s List Finalist spots.
  2. FIRST Dean’s List Finalists
    • The students selected to be recognized at each State/Regions Championship that are in the running for the FIRST Dean’s List Winner spots.
  3. FIRST Dean’s List Winners
    • The group of 10 students who are the final selection for the Dean’s List Award at the FIRST World Championship.

Each FIRST Tech Challenge Team is invited to select up to two (2) students who are in the 10th or 11th grade (sophomores or juniors) as FIRST Dean's List Semi-Finalists. The students who earn FIRST Dean’s List Award status as a Semi-Finalists, Finalist or Winner, are great examples of student leaders who have led their Teams and communities to increased awareness for FIRST and its mission. These students have also achieved personal technical expertise and accomplishment. It is the intention of FIRST that these individuals will continue on, post-Award, as great leaders, student alumni, and advocates of FIRST.

Prestigious colleges have expressed great interest in meeting FIRST Dean’s List’s Award winners and FIRST hopes that each Team will take advantage of the opportunity to nominate the most qualified students as FIRST Dean’s List Nominees!


2019 FIRST Tech Challenge Dean's List Award Winners

Team Name Location
10146 Aja Capel Urbana, IL, USA
9879 James Cassady Springdale, AR, USA
5687 Nanami Duncan Carson City, NV, USA
6567 Jacqueline Kocik Red Hook, NY, USA
9829 Andy Li San Antonio, TX, USA
11256 Emily Miner Folsom, CA, USA
7548 Cole Nagata Honolulu, HI, USA
13536 Raul Rodriguez Salt Lake City, UT, USA
10497 Blake Sanders Gainesville, FL, USA
7776 Rispa Vranka Wafula  Portland, OR, USA

2018 FIRST Tech Challenge Dean’s List Award Winners

FIRST Tech Challenge 2017 Dean's List Students


Team Name Location
5975 Karris Krurger Denver, IA, USA
7190 Zoe Berg Saint Paul, MN, USA
8381 Sophia Leon Guerrero San Mateo, CA, USA
9112 Shriya Pingali Salt Lake City, UT, USA
9790 Zachary Simon Granger, IN, USA
9899 Joshua Rohrbaugh Fort Collins, CO, USA
11096 Ariana Garbers Marietta, GA, USA
11857 Marcus Morris Dallas, GA, USA
12211 George Rak Lodi, OH, USA
13368 Tania Najnin New York, NY, USA


2017 FIRST Tech Challenge Dean's List Award Winners


Team Name Location
7022 Elizabeth Bray Birmingham, AL, USA
7013 Gokul Kolady Portland, OR, USA
3188 Rhett Pimentel Powell, WY, USA
3491 Aila Simpson Victoria, BC, Canada
6700 Kieran Beaumont Fairfax, VA, USA
8120 Kelly Rudder Kirtland, OH, USA
4106 Timothy Keup Brookfield, WI, USA
5029 Gloria Campos Englewood, OH, USA
7006 Roshaan Siddiqui Chicago, IL, USA
8095 Marissa Hibbart  Norfolk, VA, USA


2016 FIRST Tech Challenge Dean’s List Award Winners


Team Name Location
7220  Andrew Dornbier Garner, IA, USA
8121  Anika Yardi Rockville, MD, USA
4855 Anshuman Radhakrishnan Portland, OR, USA
3595  Colleen Johnson Fairbanks, AK, USA
5395  David Sargent Mustang, OK, USA
4886  Juwon Packer Lubbock, TX, USA
7129  Knut Peterson Lebanon, IL, USA
9547  Luz Moreno San Antonio, TX, USA
6081  Phoebe Spear Westport, CT, USA
6037  Sanjna Ravichandar  Princeton Junction, NJ, USA


See also: Dean's List Award Presentation at the 2016 FIRST World Championship!


2015 FIRST Tech Challenge Dean’s List Award Winners


Team Name Location
310 James Chin New York, NY, USA
5466 Stephen Eckert Davenport, IA, USA
4856 Sarah Fogwell West Vincent, PA, USA
7593 Serena Grown-Haeberli Belmont, CA, USA
8438 Laura Irvine Stillwater, MN, USA
4250 Hannah Liao Oklahoma City, OK, USA
2408 Mashoor Rashid Hazelwood, MO, USA
6987 Cameron Richards Granville, OH, USA
7172 Kaite Thomas Plano, TX, USA
5206 Austin Wang Stanford, CT, USA