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This section contains resources for FIRST Tech Challenge teams specifically for pre-competition preparation.

Competition Preparation Checklist
Inspection Process
  • Review the Game Manual. The Inspection forms are in Appendix A of Game Manual Part 1. Use a team self-inspection checklist to be sure that you are prepared for your Inspections.
  • Your robot must fit into that 18" x 18" x 18" sizing box. Here are instructions for you to build a sizing box. 
  • Your robot will not pass Inspection it does not have a proper flag holder. Here are instructions on  how to make your alliance flags to the exact regulations.
  • Teams sometimes practice with their robots in a different configuration than they use to compete. Perform a simple test on your robot to ensure that your Power Distribution Modules is working properly. Then do several practice runs with your robot in competition configuration.
Judging Process
  • Download and work on the Team Judging Self-Reflection Sheet. This will not be collected, but will prove useful to your Team.
  • Apply for the Control Award! Be sure to read the instructions and complete the Control Award Content Sheet and check with Pit Admin at the event on how to submit it.
  • Are optional Awards being given out? Check on submission guidelines for the Promote and Compass Award specific to the Event.
  • Get your Engineering Notebook up to date and cleaned up for the Judges. View the examples on the Team Management article.
  • Practice your Team Judging presentation. Watch this Video Tutorial.
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