Ursula Burns
Retired Chairman and CEO, Xerox

A veteran of corporate evolution, Ursula Burns was named chairwoman of VEON in 2017 and retired from this role in early 2020. Before that, she established herself as one of the most successful female executives in the United States as she steadily advanced through the ranks at the Xerox Corporation. Her 35-year Xerox career culminated in her being named President in 2007, CEO in 2009, Chairman and CEO in 2010 and retiring in 2017. She is the first Black woman to lead an S&P 500 company.

Xerox is a Founding Sponsor of FIRST and Burns joined FIRST’s Board in 2000, stepping down in 2017. She is a founding member of Change the Equation, a CEO-led nonprofit program to boost STEM education, launched by the Obama administration in 2010.

Burns serves on the boards of Uber, Nestle and ExxonMobil. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering from Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute, and a Master of Science degree in mechanical engineering from Columbia University.