Alumni Spotlight: Andrew Stucker

Jul 08, 2019 Written by Andrew Stucker, FIRST Alum



Andrew Stucker (second from right) was on hand to help present Rachel Linder (second from left) with her $40,000 SME Education Foundation scholarship during the 2019 SME International Awards Gala, held May 19 in Detroit. Andrew is pictured with Rob Luce, vice president of the SME Education Foundation (far left), Rachel Linder and Kathy Burnham (far right), president of the SME Education Foundation Board of Directors.



Today, I am a mechanical engineering student who dreams of working in the aerospace industry. Today, I know where my passion lies, where my future may take me and the kinds of problems I may be solving. Today, I know who I am. Yesterday (i.e., before high school), I had no idea where I was heading. This is the story of how I chose engineering and why I would encourage others to choose the same path.

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