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FIRST® @ Home

As a global robotics community that prepares young people for the future, FIRST® is committed to continuing our efforts to give students the skills and confidence they need to change the world – today and tomorrow.

During this challenging time, we know there’s  a lot of information coming at you very fast, from many directions, about how to keep students engaged. To help, we’ve created a place where you can learn about opportunities for online learning/skills development, FIRST supported activities, and provide a place to stay connected to the FIRST community during this global pandemic.

Check back often, as new information and opportunities are added. If you have a resource suggestion please email us at

Game On: WPI Launches Virtual Challenge to Design a FIRST-Inspired Video Game

FIRST Game Jam, a NEW, fun, and interactive competition to build STEM skills through robotics and video game design. Read press release.

Learn more about FIRST Game Jam

Continue to Develop Skills at Home

We've reviewed the following content that will support the continuation of learning and skill development. Activities listed have been chosen carefully and represent an opportunity to build a variety of technical skills, career preparedness and holistic skills to prepare for life - ranging from high tech, to low tech, to no tech. 


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Remote Learning Resources

For parents, teachers and coaches to assist with the transition to eLearning and working with teams remotely, these resources are just for you to assist with this collaborative learning environment.
Free and Flexible PreK-12 STEM Activities

Continue to engage students in STEM learning, skill development, and FUN with a 12 session learning series for teachers, parents, and coaches created by FIRST Education. 

Expand the block to get your free activities and download session one content.
  • Start Here - This document outlines the purpose of these activities including the summary of topics and how to use the lesson plan and design brief in various applications. 
  • A 12 session learning series for students to continue STEM learning and skill development in a variety of learning environments.
Get your Free Activities

  • FIRST LEGO League Discover – Ages 4 - 6, Grades PreK-1
    • Week 1 - Use FIRST Core Values and design and build a tower.

  • FIRST LEGO League Explore – Ages 6 - 10, Grades 2-4
    • Week 1 - Use FIRST Core Values and innovate a way to make machines move.​

  • FIRST LEGO League Challenge – Ages 9 - 16, Grades 4-8
    • Week 1 - Use FIRST Core Values to navigate home in a safe, inclusive way.

  • FIRST Tech Challenge and FIRST Robotics Competition – Ages 12 - 18, Grades 7-12
    • Week 1 - Use FIRST Core Values to innovate a graphic way to express important  information.
Core Values, Engineering Design, Research, Innovation Projects, and Career Exploration

Do you miss practicing Gracious Professionalism® and Coopertition® or solving problems. Activities here will challenge you to design creative solutions, explore FIRST Core Values and continue your FIRST journey at home.  

If you missed the live show on FIRSTtv for Galactic Builders LIVE! check it out here.

Host Libby Kamen interviewed animatronics engineer and co-creator of BB-8, Matt Denton, he shared what it’s like building BB-8, his approach to building engineering marvels and how you can get involved in animatronics. Matt also shared a closer look at building his very own D-O, the loveable droid from Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, and answered questions live!​

  • Summer Camp Ages 10 + FIRST City Under Quarantine, a 5 Day summer camp that can be completed virtually, in person or hybrid.  Created in collaboration with FRC 8027 and Share & Learn.
  • Did you miss the FIRST Virtual Career Panel featuring BAE Systems, BOSCH, & Rockwell Automation?  We've got you covered with wrap-up blog post and recording so you can catch up on all the tips shared by our amazing panelists.

  • Our sponsor partners at the United States Airforce (USAF) are hosting Virtual Educator’s Coffee. These sessions will bring you, the educators, virtually to “the Gateway to the Air Force--San Antonio Texas” where you will meet enlisted members, officers and civilians from a variety of career fields to learn how the Air Force recruits, trains, educates and employs our Airmen. Use this link to sign up for one of the upcoming sessions. NEW 9/25/20

Coding, Programming, and Artificial Intelligence ​

Want to learn a new coding language, brush up on your programming skills or take it to the next level and dive into machine learning.  These resources will help you develop computer science, coding and programming related skills. 
  • Beginner/Intermediate - Scratch - a block-based visual programming language similar to Spike Prime and FIRST Tech Challenge languages - Code interactive stories, animations, and games.
  • Beginner/Intermediate - Hour of Code - a variety of tutorials in Python, Java, JavaScript, C++, Block Based.
  • Intermediate/Advanced - Machine learning Projects – Explore innovative topics and do projects or hands on challenges.
  • Intermediate/Advanced - AP Computer Science A in Java
  • Intermediate/Advanced – Teachable Machine – Train a computer to recognize your own images, sounds and poses. Great activities to do at home to practice generating machine learning software from collaboration with our friends at Google.
  • Beginner/Intermediate - Our strategic partners at Qualcomm® Thinkabit Lab™ are Inspiring the next generation of inventors by showing students that they can be part of inventing the wireless world of the future.
  • Meet Ashley and Abakir, two #AmazonFutureEngineer Scholarship winners and #FIRST alumni, as they introduce this year’s Amazon Cyber Robotics Challenge! Learn to code and complete the challenge this fall for a chance to win $250 for your team. Learn more: 

Computer Aided Design (CAD)

Before you build, design! Here are some great resources to practice your 3D design and CAD skills, challenge yourself, or work together.
  • Ages 13+, FIRST Tech Challenge/FIRST Robotics Competition – Learn OnShape by PTC or enroll in a training course.
  • Ages 11+ Autodesk - Learn, apply and practice using industry recognized tools. Software is free for students and educators. Support for distance learning and self-paced training for students with the design academy.
  • Ages 7 + Autodesk Tinkercad - Create, design, and make or code, animate and 3D print a design. Start with the getting started lessons, teachers and coaches – create a class and set activities for your students
  • Intermediate/Advanced - Autodesk Synthesis - An Autodesk Technology is an open source robotics simulator built by students for students in FIRST Robotics Competition or FIRST Tech Challenge robotics teams.  You can export robot CAD models through plug ins for Inventor and Fusion360 to test designs with driver practice, robot code emulation, strategy and more.
  • Solid Professor - SOLIDWORKS wants to help you become the engineers and innovators of tomorrow. That is why we are pleased to sponsor ALL FIRST students and support them with SOLIDWORKS software.  Complete the application to get your access to the all of the SOLIDWORKS learning experiences.
  • Improve your SOLIDWORKS Skills and design automation knowledge with the Free DriveWorksXpress Training and Certification. This is free to all students who have access to SOLIDWORKS.

    Then take your design automation and SOLIDWORKS skills to the next level with the DriveWorks Solo Certification. As a FIRST Robotics Competition Supplier Sponsor, all FIRST Robotics Competition teams are invited to request a free 12-month license of DriveWorks Solo.  DriveWorks Solo allows students to quickly and easily create and configure variations of models directly inside of SOLIDWORKS. 

Robot Mechanics and Electronics

If you want to really dive into what makes a robot work, resources here will help you advance your knowledge to design and build better robots.
  • Ages 7 + Autodesk Tinkercad - Design, program and simulate circuits.
    New to electronics? Start with the getting started lessons, teachers, and coaches – create a class and set activities for your students.
STEM & CTE (Career and Technical Education) at Home

Ideas from our blog posts, Pinterest page, and the best from our FIRST friends and partners.
  • FIRST inspires Pinterest - Fun with STEM
  • Have LEGO bricks at home? Check out these amazing lessons from our partners at LEGO Education. 
  • Download a Reader’s Theater edition of Iggy Peck, Architect (PDF), and visit for more free activities and resources featuring Iggy Peck and the other Questioners. Also check out the publication day party for the latest book in the Questioneers series.
  • Design Squad website from PBS Kids to find videos, games, and projects about engineering for youth, including information about the various parts of the engineering design process
  • Step away from the screens to reinforce math skills with Bedtime Math Fun at Home.
  • Explore interactive multimedia and STEM activities for the whole family at NASA STEM at home
  • FIRST Blog Coding and Robots
  • MIT Full STEAM Ahead - collection of resources for teaching and learning online.
  • Online resources from MIT open learning
  • Ages 13+, FIRST Tech Challenge/FIRST Robotics Competition teams - CTE Coalition of world-class industry partners and CTE organizations such as HAAS, Caterpillar and Society of Manufacturing Engineers.
  • All Ages – Looking for virtual PE options? UNICEF Kid Power is a FREE dance, yoga and activity video platform to help students feel energized and empowered. Stay connected with your class by assigning Kid Power Ups your students can do at home!
  • All Ages – Bring the real-world home by taking students on a journey to places outside their city, country, even planet. These videos transport students to places where innovation meets creativity and shows there is no one path toward success in a STEM career. Explore the latest engineering, technology, and manufacturing at Boeing with these Virtual Field Trips.
  • X STEM All Access - entertaining, educational, and interactive online STEM experience for 6-12th graders. Through a series of daily livestream events, students will hear from an exclusive group of visionaries who aim to inspire kids about careers in STEM.
  • Robot Stories STEMinar Series family-friendly webinar about the opportunities in robotics interviewed by students who ask them what the future of robotics will looks like.

  • Architecture, Construction and Engineering are in store for you to ACE this webinar series.  From the Boston Children’s Museum in collaboration with our sponsors at Autodesk, this webinar series focuses on the future of construction.

  • Our friends and former Alumni at Playful Learning Lab  are all about working together to create engaging, hands-on experiences for students and educators, with a focus on play.

  • The Society of Women Engineers (SWE) welcomes K-12 students to join SWENext to become a part of the engineering community. SWENext provides ongoing newsletters, quality programming, social media challenges, and access to engineers to empower students to prepare for engineering and technology careers. Joining is free, visit

  • The SWENext High School Leadership Academy (SHLA) provides year-round programming to inspire high school students to pursue engineering and technology careers. SHLA provides students with learning opportunities in five learning paths: leadership development, STEM pathways, college preparation, self-development, and inclusion and cultural awareness. SHLA also offers opportunities to engage with the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) community first-hand through networking, coaching, and mentoring to learn techniques to pursue STEM careers.