Five Activities to Celebrate National Robotics Week

Apr 01, 2022 Written by Tammy Pankey, FIRST Sr. Manager of Curriculum




National Robotics Week


Engaging students in robotics at an early age is instrumental in developing lifelong STEM learners who are equipped with the skills needed for future success. While participating in FIRST, students are immersed in the world of STEM and robotics to learn the importance of working collaboratively as a team while developing highly sought-after skills in the workplace. Students gain transferable holistic skills like perseverance, growth mindset, collaboration, leadership, time management, and communication, and acquire technical skills like computer science, engineering, electronics, coding, critical thinking, and problem solving. The incorporation of social-emotional learning, holistic skill development, and a growth mindset all work towards the concept of using robots to build kids, not having kids just build robots. 


Get Involved With FIRST

There are several ways to begin incorporating robotics into your community and get involved locally. Consider coaching or mentoring an existing FIRST team, exploring sponsorship opportunities, or starting a FIRST team with your child. Educators can start a team at their school or implement the FIRST Class Pack into their classrooms. Contact local FIRST partners for more information about volunteer opportunities and FIRST connections.


National Robotics Week Activities 2022

We are excited to share robotics activities that you can do with your students throughout National Robotics Week, happening April 3 – 9, 2022.


  1. FIRST @ Home STEM Curriculum Series: Explore this flexible learning series that covers a variety of STEM topics for all ages.


  1. National Robotics Week Resources: This site captures a wide variety of robotics activities that you can do for National Robotics Week.


  1. Scratch Robotics Activities: Explore a variety of robotics activities using Scratch, a block-based visual programming language


  1. Virtual Robotics Options: See what different platforms and options are available for virtual robotics activities.


  1. Watch the original documentary, “More Than Robots,” on Disney+: Throw a watch party and discuss the film with your students or child.


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