Here’s to our Makers, all 400,000 of them

Jun 23, 2016


In honor of this year’s National Week of Making, we celebrate the more than 400,000 students around the world who invented, tinkered and tech’d their way through the 2015-2016 FIRST season.Two winners from The Incredibots

A handful of these young people travelled to Washington D.C. this week where their ideas to improve waste management became award-winning inventions at the sixth annual FIRST® LEGO® League Global Innovation Awards presented by XPRIZE®.

Team “The Incredibots” of Gahanna, Ohio, won first prize for “The Styro-Filter” – a device that converts Styrofoam waste into activated carbon that can be used to purify water. The patent-pending Styro-Filter has the potential to reduce the nearly two billion pounds of non-recyclable Styrofoam thrown away each year in the United States. 

Winners - The IncredibotsFIRST LEGO League teams from 21 countries submitted their inventions for consideration. Read more about the Global Innovation Awards and other winning inventions here. And check out 10 clever inventions that help reduce waste, by FIRST LEGO League teams, in this article by Fast Company.



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