FIRST Tech Challenge Event Types

Workshop - These events can cover a variety of FIRST Tech Challenge and robotics-related topics. They are often hosted by vendors, Affiliate Partners or teams.

Kickoff - Held each September, this event is when the new season’s game is revealed. Kickoff offers the opportunity to see the game reveal live, network with other teams and strategize about the new season.

Scrimmage - A small event run by volunteers, usually a team or Affiliate Partner, good for practice and playing experience. These events can have anywhere from three to twenty teams and may not include judging and awards.  These events do not qualify teams for championship tournaments. May also be called a Practice Day.

Leagues/Meets - Meets are similar to a traditional sporting event. Teams compete in smaller, more frequent competitions to gain points that will advance them to the next level tournament play.  Leagues/Meets are currently in several regions and experiences may vary based on the region. Contact your local FIRST Tech Challenge representative with questions regarding these events.

Qualifying Tournament - These events are held in areas with a large number of teams.  In these events, teams compete for positions at Championship Tournaments. Qualifying Tournaments adhere to FIRST standards in format, judging and awards.

Super-Qualifying Tournament - These events are held in regions with a large number of teams and/or Leagues. In these regions, teams advance from either a League Championship or Qualifying Tournament to a Super-Qualifying Tournament, and then to the regional or state Championship. Super-Qualifying Tournaments adhere to FIRST standards in format, judging, and awards.

Championship Tournament - A regional- or state-level event. U.S. Teams compete for a chance to advance to one of four Super-Regional Tournaments. Championship Tournaments may require teams to advance through a Qualifying Tournament structure. Championship Tournaments adhere to FIRST standards in format, judging and awards. For the 2017-2018 season, international Championship Tournaments do not yet have Super-Regionals and advance directly to the FIRST Tech Challenge World Championship.

Super-Regional Championship Tournament - Teams in the U.S. advance from regional- or state-level Championship Tournaments to compete at one of four Super-Regional Tournaments. Teams advance from a Super-Regional to the FIRST Tech Challenge World Championship. For information on the four U.S. regions, visit the Super-Regionals FAQ page. Super-Regionals are FIRST-endorsed events and adhere to FIRST standards for format, judging and awards.

World Championships - This national-level event is the culmination of the season. To compete in this event, U.S. teams must advance from a Super-Regional Tournament, while international events advance teams from their respective Championship Tournaments. View Results and Hall of Fame.

Tournament organizers reserve the right to limit the numbers of teams attending any of these tournaments. Neither FIRST nor the local organizer can guarantee a tournament in your area, even if you have registered with FIRST.