8th Annual U.S. Air Force / FIRST® Leadership Experience for FIRST Teachers & Mentors

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The U.S. Air Force develops leaders of remarkable character and vision. For the 8th year, the U.S. Air Force is offering a unique three-day leadership program providing FIRST mentors with hands on leadership training taught by Air Force personnel.

Throughout the three-day experience, mentors will attend lectures, take part in team building exercises, and tour a local Air Force Base. The Air Force will select a group of 24 teachers and mentors from FIRST Tech Challenge and FIRST Robotics Competition teams who are helping inspire today’s youth to become the technical leaders of tomorrow.

2019 U.S. Air Force Leadership Training Experience

24 Finalists for the U.S Air Force / FIRST Leadership Experience

FIRST Tech Challenge     FIRST Robotics Competition  
Name City/State   Name City/State
Enrique Arce-Larreta Salt Lake City, UT   Mary Anderson Greenbush, MN
Shelia Chewning Lancaster, VA   Christina Arnsperger Cincinnati, OH
Lauren Kornegay-Dollar St. Louis, MO   Monte Blaustein Washington, CT
Cristina Lebron Marietta, GA   Thomas Dewey Valley Center, CA
Maria Lorena Kirschner Stanhope, NJ   Zachary Goude Corbett, OR
Mary Loveless Chattanooga, TN   Edward La Bruyere Arlington, TX
Orlando Montalvo Mission, TX   Brian LaVallee Lake Placid, NY
Daniel Penny Melbourne, FL   Ryan Lindsay Babbitt, MN
Diane Ripollone Raleigh, NC   Daniel Lubin Scottville, MI
Brian Turner Dallas, TX   Carolyn Noble Brownsburg, IN
Michael Watkins Sanger, CA   Krisma Smith Marion, AR
Osman Yolcu Las Vegas, NV   Sara Whitbeck-Zacharias Salt Lake City, UT

For questions, please contact Brittany Keegan at brittany.keegan@gsdm.com.

Disclaimer:  The Department of Defense is undergoing budgetary reviews that may require the Air Force to cancel this event at a moment’s notice. It is the Air Force’s intent to hold this event unless directed to cease all actions due to sequestration. The Air Force believes this event is worthwhile and provides long-term benefits that help develop future leaders. If the event is canceled, you will be notified immediately.