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Discovering career opportunities is one of the first steps on a student's
journey to career confidence.​

Through FIRST® programs, students discover careers and often explore what it is like to work in that career through their industry mentors and learning within their team roles.​
We also offer many opportunities for students to explore careers through our alumni and industry partnerships.

Career Awareness

Career Exploration Tools

The Career Planning Toolkit connects students’ experiences to their career path and future goals. View the directions to access the course in Thinkscape.

FIRST provides students with experiences that explore vast opportunities for their future. Explore this Kahoot course about Career Exploration.


Career Webinars and Videos

MASTERPIECE Career Connection video playlist: Hear from the experts who helped shape the FIRST® LEGO® League MASTERPIECE season and learn how they use STEM and the Arts in their careers.

Levi Strauss & Co. X FIRST Career Conversation video: A conversation with Levi’s Head of Global Product Development, Head of Eureka Innovation Lab, and Sustainability Strategist as they discuss all the ways that STEM skills are required for all levels of work in all industries.​

From Robotics to Healthcare a FIRST Career Conversation with Johnson & Johnson video: FIRST mentors and alumni from Johnson & Johnson share how the skills they've developed and honed as part of FIRST are applicable to their every-day work from designing surgical robotics to developing life-saving medication.

Orientación profesional con FIRST: Johnson & Johnson en español video: Esta discusión entre miembros del equipo 4400, Cerbotics, de FIRST® Robotics Competition y empleados de Johnson & Johnson, y abarcará los trayectos personales y profesionales como hispanohablantes en las industrias innovadoras de servicios sanitarios y tecnología para servicios sanitarios.​

​​​​​​Galactic Builders LIVE! - Powered by Star Wars Force for Change video: Host Libby Kamen interviewed animatronics engineer and co-creator of BB-8, Matt Denton. He shared what it’s like building BB-8, his approach to building engineering marvels and how you can get involved in animatronics. Matt also shared a closer look at building his very own D-O droid and answered questions live.​

FIRST Virtual Career Panel featuring BAE Systems, BOSCH, & Rockwell Automation video: Interactive discussion on recruiting priorities from top STEM companies and the best ways to make your FIRST experience work for your future.​


Career Blogs

Discussing your FIRST Experience During a Job Interview Ilene Rein, job search strategist and executive recruiter, who shares how to talk about your FIRST® experience during job interviews to land your dream STEM job in our career blog series.

People of STEAM Blog Series​ People of STEAM is an ongoing blog series that highlights diverse voices in our community and the impacts they are making on the world of FIRST, the world of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, Art), and/or in their own backyard.

6 STEM Experts on Sparking STEM Interest and Career Discovery in the Classroom​ STEM experts explore strategies for encouraging career discovery in the classroom.​