Make FIRST an Approved Sender in Your Email Account May. 2 2022| 0 KB

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Throughout the year, we’ll send our mentors, coaches, Class Pack educators and facilitators, volunteers, and parents important communications via email. To ensure you receive these updates on the season, your registration, funding opportunities, and more, we recommend you add FIRST as an “approved sender” in your email account.

To make sure our emails make it to your inbox and not your junk or spam folder, please use the resources below to add FIRST as an approved sender in your email account.

A special note for educators:  Your School District may have complex spam filters. It may be necessary to work directly with your school’s system administrator to update these settings.

We recommend adding the domain as a safe or approved sender in your email account, or add these addresses directly:

Resources for adding approved or safe senders in some of the most-common email clients:

Gmail | Outlook | Apple Mail

Yahoo! Mail | Hotmail | AOL Mail