Week Zero, Stop Build Day, and those FIRST RISE Stickers!

Feb 17, 2020 Written by Frank Merrick.


Week Zero Competition FIRST Robotics Competition

Week Zero

The official Week Zero scrimmage event held in Nashua, New Hampshire, USA, was a big success! Even though many teams were still getting the kinks worked out, we saw a few robots capable of long-distance shots and it was super fun to watch. A huge thanks to our gracious hosts, FIRST Robotics Competition Team 811, The Cardinals!


Stop Build Day

Stop Build Day Retirement FIRST Robotics Competition

In an ordinary season, tomorrow would be Stop Build Day. But this is no ordinary season!


I wish Stop Build Day the happiest of retirements, as I imagine it sitting on the beach in a warm place with a refreshing beverage in hand, reminiscing about the good work it did for us over these many years. While I will miss the shared experience Stop Build Day delivered, I’m excited to see what FRC’s future holds in this new era!



FIRST RISE Sticker FIRST Robotics Competition

Does this look familiar? Hopefully, it does! Every team received a sticker that looked like this in their kits. If you’ve got some room on your robot, how about putting it on? Then please share images of your robot and sticker in your shop and at competitions on social media (be sure to tag us!). We’d love to see them!


The first official events are only about a week away! I can’t wait!



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