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Content Type: FIRST Robotics Competition, Volunteer
Program: FIRST Robotics Competition
Tags: Training, Volunteer

The Judge Advisor (JA) for FIRST Robotics Competition is a key volunteer position. They are responsible for leading the Judge Panel for their assigned group. Judge Advisors do not vote on awards but rather facilitate that process. This position requires a high level of organization and interpersonal skills.

For the 2021 Season, Judge Advisors can volunteer for one or more of the following components:

  • Game Design Challenge
  • FIRST Innovation Challenge presented by Qualcomm
  • Traditional Submitted Awards (Chairman’s Award and FIRST Dean’s List Award)


  • Participate in all required Judge Advisor training provided by FIRST HQ, including conference calls and webinars and reading the Judge manual yearly
  • Leading the Judge Panel remotely
  • Coordinating interviews with Judges and teams.
  • Facilitating award decisions & clarifying award guidelines and ensuring the overall consistency of the awards process in accordance with FIRST policy and guidelines
  • Opportunity to cultivate support for FIRST programs
  • Must communicate with their group of Judges.
  • Judge Advisors may be asked to recruit or help recruit Judges.
  • Must pass the JA Certification prior to the start of events
  • Judges with a conflict of interest must sign a Conflict of Interest and Disclosure Statement and send to FIRST HQ

Experience and Skills Needed

  • Minimum of 3 years as a Judge at an FRC event (Exceptions may be granted by FIRST HQ)
  • Must be at least 26 years old at time of service (Exceptions may be granted by FIRST HQ)
  • Understand the FIRST mission
  • Excellent organizational and communication skills required
  • Strong assessment skills
  • Strong critical thinking skills
  • Strong interpersonal/communication skills
  • Ability to work as a member of a team
  • Access to a computer with reliable internet is required; Webcams are preferred

Volunteer Time Commitment

  • Judge Advisor Training which includes conference calls, reviewing Judge Manual
  • Judging will take place between March & April
  • Coordination of judging with Judges & Teams
  • ~ 16 hours of time commitment spread over several days

Note: The events listed in the volunteer dashboard have dates assigned but that does not mean the judging will take place on those dates. Judge Advisors will be notified of their assigned role and will be contacted by HQ for details.


Pre-event training by Chief Judge Advisors and FIRST HQ, conference calls and email blasts beginning in January.

Reporting Relationships and Supervision

Judge Advisors report to FIRST HQ and Chief Judge Advisors. Judge Advisors may work closely with PDPs and other Judge Advisors.


* Must read and comply with the FIRST Volunteer Rights and Responsibilities