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When is the 2024 Off-Season Period?

The 2024 FIRST Robotics Competition Off-Season Period is between April 25, 2024 and December 31, 2024. Note that while the Off-Season Period for FIRST Robotics Competition extends through December, any FIRST-owned equipment must be shipped to return to FIRST Headquarters in Manchester, NH by November 1st, 2024. This means any Off-Season Events taking place after that will not have access to official equipment. 

What is an Off-Season Event?

An Off-Season Event is defined as a gathering that utilizes FIRST program content for which there is a participation fee or sponsorship funding. This could include competitions and summer programs and includes all FIRST programs globally. Off-season team activities such as no-fee scrimmages, open houses, and other non-paid activities are not considered to be Off-Season Events.

Who can host an Off-Season Event?

Off-Season Events must be planned and supported by a Host Organization (i.e. FIRST Partner Organization, FIRST Program Delivery Organization, local school/district, youth serving organization, team 501(c)3, etc.). They cannot by hosted be an individual or unincorporated group.

What considerations should my organization make before planning an Off-Season Event?

Host Organizations should consider such topics as:

  • Appropriate level of insurance
  • Youth protection measures
  • Data protection measures
  • Adherence to state/local tax regulations
  • Compliance with local protocols for in-person gatherings (such as COVID-19 considerations). 

Please see additional Off-Season Event guidance on this page. Hosts wishing to schedule the use of a full or partial field using FIRST-owned equipment should read the 2024 Off-Season Event Criteria and Considerations document.

What actions need to be taken by an Off-Season Event Host Organizations?

Off-Season Event Host Organizations must submit an Off-Season Event Notice via an online form to FIRST Headquarters. The form will be shared with the local Program Delivery Partner and will collect basic information about the Hosting Organization, Off-Season Event details, and registration details as well as confirm the following:

  • Hosting Organization compliance with local protocols for in-person gatherings.
  • Acknowledgment of Right to Cancel by FIRST in cases of emergencies and other extraordinary situations.
  • Consideration for conducting the event with the appropriate level of insurance, youth protection measures, data protection and adherence to state/local tax regulations as determined locally.

In order to use a FIRST-supplied field, you must have the appropriate paperwork turned in to FIRST at least two weeks prior to your event, including the 2024 Off-Season Agreement

Obtaining a Competition Field

Hosts may request a full or partial competition field through AndyMark. Additional information and inquiries for Off-Season Event competition fields can be viewed on the AndyMark Off-Season Events page.

Hosts within or nearby FIRST Robotics Competition Districts can reach out to District leadership for inquiries about borrowing a competition field. The FIRST Indiana Off-Season field is managed by AndyMark.

NEW FOR 2024: Competition fields from FIRST are supplied only direct from the FIRST Championship. As a limited number of competition fields are available, Hosts must email by March 30, 2024. Hosts obtaining a field from FIRST Championship are responsible for all shipping, storage, and handling of the field. The return of the field must be shipped by November 1, 2024. 

Off-Season FMS and Listings

To find more information about listing your event online and downloading the Off-Season version of FMS (designed to work without the full set of electronics) please visit

Current List of Events

For a list of upcoming Off-Season Events we have been asked to add, please visit Off-Season Event Lists