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As stated here, where local conditions allow for safe gatherings, there may be unofficial in-person activities for FIRST Robotics Competition teams organized by local FIRST  Program Delivery Partners in 2021. FIRST HQ anticipates very few unofficial activities, and is working with a small number of partners, primarily outside North America, on approvals for these activities.

How does FIRST determine if/where unofficial activities can be held?

Restrictions related to the pandemic are dynamic and vary widely depending on country and regional impacts of COVID-19. Although we anticipate very few unofficial activities, FIRST Headquarters is working closely with Program Delivery Partners to assess local conditions and the viability for having any in-person activities. Stay tuned for more information from your local partner for any activities that may be planned in full compliance with local health guidelines.

Can off-season game play events be held after the official season concludes?

We have not ruled out the possibility of allowing unofficial, off-season events hosted later in the year.

For more information, please see

Off Season Events are competitions run by teams between May and November, outside of the FIRST Robotics Competition Event Season.


The information provided below is for reference and planning only. Please see the message above regarding offseason events.

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