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Content Type: FIRST Robotics Competition, Volunteer
Program: FIRST Robotics Competition
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The Quiet Room Attendant for FIRST Robotics Competition oversees the Quiet Room and helps to ensure that individuals using the room respect the nature of the space. The volunteer in this position will monitor the Quiet Room, supervise activities, answer questions, and provide gentle reminders of the purpose of this space. The Quiet Room is a place for individuals to step away from the excitement and pressure of a FIRST event to decompress in silence.


  • Set the tone by doing your own quiet/silent activity while monitoring the room.
  • Arrange space and (possible) supplies to be welcoming.
  • Maintain the room and any equipment in good order (for example, moderate lighting and minimal visual stimuli, organized supplies for activities)
  • Answer questions and provide general assistance
  • If empty, take a walk and invite people to use the space
  • Take short breaks as needed.  Coordinate with the Volunteer Coordinator if someone needs a break. There should be at least two people monitoring the room at all times.  
  • Keep room quiet, maintain supplies, contact appropriate people in emergency (EMT or other Emergency Services – phone numbers, how to call 911, etc.)
  • Know what is and what is not allowed in the Quiet Room. Reference the Expanded Quiet Room Guide for more details.

Experience and Skills Needed

  • FIRST experience not required
  • Must be post-high school or equivalent
  • Minimum age: 18
  • Self-directed individual
  • Does NOT need to be professionally trained

Volunteer Time Commitment

  • Minimum 1/2 day commitment
  • Preferred 2 full day commitment (Districts) or 3 full day commitment (Regionals)

Note: Event schedules vary. Please check the event schedule and talk to your Volunteer Coordinator for detailed information on when you are expected to arrive. Volunteers should arrive on site 15-20 minutes prior to the start of every shift to allow time to check in at the Volunteer Registration table.


Volunteers should coordinate with the Volunteer Coordinator in advance to understand what materials will be available for the room. Volunteers should also read the Expanded Quiet Room Guide prior to arrival on site to understand additional details.

Reporting Relationships and Supervision

  • On-Site Support: Volunteer Coordinator


* Must read and comply with the Volunteer Handbook