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 Teams can view copies of 2023 Regional & District Championship FIRST Impact Award Winners Submissions, Videos, and Presentations (as made available to FIRST). Teams should also check out the FIRST Impact Award Resources webpage for other helpful information. 






Week 1 

Arkansas Regional      
Canadian Pacific Regional      
Hueneme Port Regional      
Izmir Regional      

Lake Superior Regional

Northern Lights Regional      
Regional Monterrey      
South Florida Regional      
Utah Regional      

Week 2 

Brazil Regional      
Central Valley Regional      
Great Northern Regional      
Mersin Regional      
Midwest Regional      
Oklahoma Regional      
Orange County Regional      
Southern Cross Regional      
St. Louis Regional      
Ventura County Regional      

Week 3 

Arizona East Regional      
Central Illinois Regional      
Finger Lakes Regional      
Heartland Regional      
Los Angeles Regional      
Magnolia Regional      
Miami Valley Regional      
Orlando Regional      
San Francisco Regional      

Week 4 

Arizona West Regional      
Central Missouri Regional      
China Regional      
Colorado Regional      
FIRST Long Island Regional #1      
FIRST Long Island Regional #2      
Hawaii Regional      
Iowa Regional      
Istanbul Regional      
Minnesota North Star Regional at La Crosse      
Regional Laguna      
Sacramento Regional      
San Diego Regional      
Tallahassee Regional       
Wisconsin Regional      

Week 5 

Aerospace Regional      
Bayou Regional      
Bosphorus Regional      
Buckeye Regional      
FIRST Israel District Championship      
Festival de Robotique Regional      
Greater Kansas City Regional      
Idaho Regional      
Las Vegas Regional      
Minnesota 10,000 Lakes Regional      
Monterey Bay Regional      
New York Tech Valley Regional      
Seven Rivers Regional      
Smoky Mountains Regional      
St. Louis Regional      

Week 6 

FIRST Chesapeake District Championship      
FIRST in Texas District Championship      
FIRST Mid-Atlantic District Championship      
FIRST North Carolina District State Championship      
FIRST Ontario Provincial Championship      
Greater Pittsburgh Regional      
Green Country Regional      
Indiana State Championship      
Michigan State Championship      
New England District Championship      
New York City Regional      
Pacific Northwest FIRST District Championship      
Pacific Northwest FIRST District Championship      
Peachtree District State Championship      
Rocket City Regional      
Silicon Valley Regional