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Content Type: FIRST Robotics Competition
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SOLIDWORKS Student Sponsorship

SOLIDWORKS is pleased to sponsor your FIRST team and support them with SOLIDWORKS software. To learn more about what is included in student sponsorship and for additional resources, download the SOLIDWORKS FIRST Flyer. To apply for SOLIDWORKS Student Sponsorship fill out our online application.  



SolidWorks 3D CAD Software for mechanical, part, assembly, drawings and applications for building competitive robots, Sheet metal and Weldments, Photorealistic Rendering, Animation, Toolbox – fastener library of components, eDrawings for sharing and SolidWorks Costing for estimated machining costs and Workgroup PDM to keep track of drawing revisions.

SolidWorks Electrical Software  for electro-mechanical, control system design for SolidWorks Electrical 2D Schematic for single line and multiline schematics and SolidWorks Electrical 3D for incorporating into your 3D CAD model, Bill of Material, and cable/wire harness.

SolidWorks Simulation for engineering analysis and simulation – to test your design in a real-world environment including SolidWorks Simulation Premium for stress, thermal, fatigue, structural design optimization, SolidWorks Flow Simulation for flow analysis, SolidWorks Motion for kinematic analysis, SolidWorks Sustainability for environmental factor simulation and SolidWorks Plastics for manufacturing simulation of injection modeled parts

SolidWorks Composer for technical documentation and animations used to document manufacturing instructions and assembly procedures, for use by marketing, graphic artists and engineers.

Serial Numbers and Tutorials

After acceptance of the SOLIDWORKS FIRST Robotics application, teams will be emailed serial numbers and a link to SOLIDWORKS robot tutorials in .pdf. All teams can access building a competitive robot, SOLDIWORKS FRC video tutorial series.  


Teams have access to My SolidWorks, a place to connect, share and discover everything SOLIDWORKS. HereFIRST teams can link to our parts catalog, 3DContentCentral, SOLIDWORKS forums, and tips about using SOLIDWORKS. Just create a “Guest” Login account to access My SolidWorks.

Teams also can register to attend their local SolidWorks User Group meeting. Teams can share their models on our SolidWorks Education Facebook page.

Kit of Parts (KOP)

SOLIDWORKS produced an updated KOP from last year with smarter components containing electrical information.  We will produce a new KOP for the upcoming season. There are additional components for FRC and FLL. All KOP models can be inserted directly into SOLIDWORKS from the Design Library by linking to your folder with Add File Location command.